HDCleaner is an all-in-one complete optimization tool for Windows PC

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  1. Rob

    None of the browsers on my Windows 10 PC will connect to this site.

    From Microsoft Edge:

  2. Frederick Flintstone

    Installed, and every time I tried to run it I got a ‘HDCleaner is expired’ message, so.. quien sabe?

  3. Bazinga

    I don’t know if this is coincidence or not but I downloaded and ran on Windows 7 Home 64 bit. The program seemed a bit buggy in that some UI elements overwrote others. I played around with some of the tools but didn’t actually clean anything. Upon exiting the program, my registry was trashed. I tried to recover from the restore point created when I installed HDCleaner but the registry was too corrupted. I finally had to restore from a backup. Caveat emptor.

  4. Ray46

    Several programs are telling me this is spyware and won’t even download with Windows 10

  5. Rob Wagner

    Simple to understand and use.It cleaned useless files on my PC, and also can clean the internet surfing histories, cookies and so on, makes my PC at peak performance. I’ve never experienced any issues using the program. No Problem installing it.

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