Get Started app of Windows 10 – Beginners Guide to learn Windows 10

Windows 10 is pretty straightforward and contains many new features and functionality improvements. “It’s one core, one store, one platform”, says Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. No matter what device you are using, Windows 10 works everywhere. As always Microsoft is pretty considerate about the new users of Windows 10. While the company released a demo website for Windows 10, there is also a built-in Windows Store app ‘Get Started’ typically designed to help users understand the latest OS better and in an easy way.

Get Started with Windows 10

Get Started app will help users learn about and get started with Windows 10. Includes detailed instructions, slideshows, videos.

Type Get Started in the search bar and select the desktop app to get the windows below. You will several tabs on the left side, each one explaining a feature or function in Windows 10.

Get Started with Windows 10


The first  tab takes you to the video tour of Windows 10. This videos explains you about the Start Menu, live tiles, getting new apps from the store, the new search bar, action centre, Cortana, and Edge web browser.

get started 2

What’s New

This tab shows you what all is new in Windows 10 and how to use these new features in your Windows 10 PC. This is where you can learn a lot about the newly added features which includes, Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Start Menu, Tablet Pen for Tablet users, photos app and sign-in options. get started 3

Search and Help

Search for anything anywhere. This tab tells you about the newly added search bar and how you can use it. You just have to enter the search term in the search bar and the feature will give you the results from your PC as well as from the web. Use this search bar to search your files, apps, settings, photos, videos, and music across your PC and OneDrive.get started 4

Search for help is a new feature added to Windows 10 where you can type a question, and you’ll find help from Microsoft and Cortana.

get started 5

Setting Things Up

This is a tab where you can learn about Settings of your Microsoft account, signing in your PC with Microsoft account, settings up your account picture, your family, settings up your email and calendar as well as setting up your PC protection. Click on any settings to get the detailed instructions and guidelines.

get started 6

Get Connected

This tab helps you learning about the connectivity options in Windows 10, may it be your connection to internet via Wifi or Cellular network, connectivity to a printer or to the Bluetooth devices. The tab also helps you learning about troubleshooter for both WiFi and Cellular networks. Click on ‘Why Can’t I Get Online’ and you can run the troubleshooters.

get started 7


Know your Start Menu in details from here. What all is included in the new Windows 10 Start Menu, how can you pin an app in your Start menu, and finding your apps and programs are explained in this tab. get started 8Cortana

Want to know about Cortana? This is the right place. Here you will know how Cortana helps you in finding your find things on your PC, track packages, manage your calendar,  find files, tell you jokes and chat with you. Learn more about Cortana here and get fullest of your personal digital assistant.

get started 9

Windows Hello

This tab shows a video presentation of Windows Hello and helps you learning how it is a more personal and secure way to sign in to your Windows 10 devices with your touch or just a look. Without even typing a password you can get an enterprise grade security for your Windows 10 PC with Windows Hello. It also helps you learning  how Windows Hello keeps your info private?

get started 10

Microsoft Edge

Get to know about the latest Microsoft web browser from here. Also see how Cortana and Microsoft Edge together make a great duo. This tab gives you a detailed look of Edge and all its features. get started 11

Xbox App

If you are new to Xbox, this tab will help you learn a lot about it. Learn about Gamertag, and streaming your games from Xbox. This tab also helps you learning how you can find your friends on Xbox app and how to record your game clips and screenshots. get started 12


If you are confused about using the Office version for your Windows 10 desktop or tablet or a mobile, this tab helps you greatly. Learn about Office Desktop apps and Office Mobile apps in detail. There is also a video presentation on how to make Windows 10 Enterprise easier and use the advanced productivity features of Office apps.

get started 13

Personalization and Settings

As you know, Windows 10 brings a completely new setup for Settings and Personalization, this tab helps you learning about the same. Here you can learn about changing the themes, desktop background and colours and much more. You can also learn about how to personalize your PC Lock Screen. get started 14

Saving and Syncing the Content

Direct access to OneDrive is one of the major functionality enhancements made in Windows 10. From the Saving and Syncing tab in Get Started app, you can learn about how to use OneDrive on your PC and how to access your saved files on various devices. There is also a detailed guide about how to backup and restore your files.
get started 15

Apps and Notifications

Learn how to explore store, choose apps and move them around in your disk drives. There is also an option of grouping the apps into Windows 10 desktop, Group apps into desktops where you can group apps together for whatever you want by creating virtual desktops. Learn more and choose how you want to install your apps updates.

get started 16

Continuum and Touch

This is where you can learn how to operate Windows 10 on your touch friendly devices. Using Continuum & touch with Windows and using a pen are some useful categories included here. You can also learn various touchpad gestures for your Windows 10 touch devices.
get started 17

Ease of Access

Last comes the Ease of Access section in Get Started desktop app. This tab includes the detailed instructions about making your PC easier to use, adjust the Narrator settings and speech recognition and learning about the keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10. get started 18

Tips for IT Administrators

The app also has tips for IT admins. To access them go to Browse topics and select Tips for IT administrators.

Overall, Get Started desktop app is a good detailed guide of Windows 10 for the users who have just upgraded their PCs and want to learn more about the latest OS.

No more digging the Internet to know about the latest features and performance enhancements added in the new OS. You have it here in the app, in this post titled Windows 10 tips and tricks – and well, here, of course!

Also take a look at this free Windows 10 eBook from Microsoft and this one from Lenovo.

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