Windows 10 features list – What is new?


  1. Anybody else got a bad feeling about this?

    What we really need is Windows 7 and one half.
    The stability and usability of Win 7 and the “inside the engine improvements of 8 and 9/10!

  2. Depends on how much it costs – I for one won’t rush to buy it. There will inevitably be some hefty corrections in the early months. In the meantime I’ll stick with 7.

  3. Adding extra desktops sounds mighty cool. I hope they can have seperate monitors to (via hdmi) and splitted
    sound sources. Like play a game on the desktop 1 (PC) and play music from desktop 2 (tv via hdmi) with seperate sources of sound.

  4. The [hardware] requirements are great. This would mean that some of the cheaper and older PC’s would still be able to run it. Thereby saving folks the cost of an actual [physical] PC purchase.

    As for the name – Windows 10 – this is a good way to distance Windows from the present fiasco and a desperate sales ploy by MS. In the minds of some folks this will be a vast separation who will only see version 8[+] and now version 10 without realising that there never was a version 9.

    If the prices are cheap enough I would have no hesitation [If the finished product lives upto the promise seen in the preview version] in giving it a bash. If MS has a good stable OS and decent pricing structure then it might just be the kick in the pants the MS needs at the moment.

  5. It’s just windows 8 with a start menu, and two annoying icons, one for search and one for multi desktops, placed on the taskbar with NO way of removing them. it is at present not worth the upgrade from windows 8 and if you have purchased the media centre upgrade in 8. Then you will have to purchase it again for 10 yet another way of making money for Microsoft…..

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