Windows 10 v1809 removed or deprecated features list

Every time a major of Windows 10 is released, some of the features are removed. Either those features lose their importance because of the introduction of new features or are just not useful because of new technology. Microsoft is due for next major update of Windows 10 in October, and Windows 10v 1809 includes many new features. It also removes some features, Here is the list of features removed or deprecated in the soon-to-be-released Windows 10 v1809  October 2018 version.

Windows 10 v1809 removed or deprecated features

Apart from deprecating the Disk Cleanup Tool, here are a few features that may be removed or deprecated in Windows 10 v1809  October 2018 Update.

Windows 10 v1809 removed or deprecated features

1] Business Scanning or Distributed Scan Management (DSM)

There are no devices which now support this technology. This was a function of Windows Server 2008 R2 were devices which could scan, where integrated into the document workflow of an organization.

2] Font Smoothing setting in unattend.xml

Windows 10 now uses ClearType, and hence the mention of FontSmoothing setting in the unattend.xml file is no more necessary. It will be ignored. This was used to specify whether font smoothing is enabled, and which type.

3] Hologram app

This was supposed to be long gone but finally has been dropped. Windows 10 uses the Mixed Reality Viewer. The app can be used to view the 3D paintings you have created using Paint3D.

4] Trusted Platform Module (TPM) management console

TPM is a very popular module in Windows from some time. However as Microsoft has moved their Device and Security to Windows Defender, the information which was previously available through TPM console, can now be seen in the Device security page in the Windows Defender Security Center.

5] limpet.exe

This tool is going open source. This was used to access TPM for Azure connectivity. So if somebody still wants to use it, they can go ahead and develop it.

6] Phone Companion

Windows 10 v1809 will introduce Phone Page in the settings app. This is the reason; Phone Companion app will have to go. All the features that were available with the Phone Companion App will be available with the Phone Page App.

7] Future updates for Windows Embedded Standard 8 and Windows Embedded 8 Standard

If you want to update Windows 8 Embedded version, you will have to manually download the updates from the Microsoft Update Catalog. The WEDU update server will stop pushing any new update.

8] Snipping Tool:

This has been replaced by the new Screen Sketch tool which includes support for the freehand screenshot as well. A shortcut will be available in the action center for quick access.

Apart from these, Microsoft has also stopped developing features including Companion device dynamic lock APIS, OneSync service, and the Snipping Tool. Their functionality is now available in some other components.

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