New features in Windows 10 v1809 October 2018 Update

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  1. ilovetesla

    instead of using stupid machine learning for suggesting when to restart windows to update, why don’t you give users the control when to restart the machine

    over complicating simple things

  2. Russ Soule

    why is the Snip program being eliminated? is Microsoft trying to force everyone into 3D? I have no need or desire at the moment, nor in the future, for 3D anything. Leave my Snip alone!

  3. Outspoken1

    I used open source Greenshot for years before Snip. Guess I’ll go back to Greenshot.

  4. The Sniping tool will be replaced with a Screen Sketch tool offering more functionality.

  5. Piotr ?ó?towski (Piter432)

    why don’t you give users the control when to restart the machine

    Or actually what Windows should do with the updates AND which updates like since XP to even most hated Windows 8 (or actually 8.1).

  6. IT Enquirer

    In this article the word “not” is incorrectly used several times instead of the word “now”.

    I suggest you proof read your articles before posting them.

  7. ilovetesla

    exactly, just give the goddamn checkboxes nxt to updates and a simple restart button

  8. Rainbow

    Also, there is no “Sniping tool”, it’s Snipping tool!

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