How to use Snip & Sketch app to Capture and Annotate screenshots in Windows 10


  1. Just playing with it now – quite handy and upmarket from Snipping Tool, but some obvious questions.
    1) The only output file type is .png Why not a choice to .jpg? When will that option be created?

    2) Where are the settings for user options or does the ruler scale default to the primary user settings – here for me being metric.

    3) Why are there not measurement markers, even if 5 unit blocks to make measuring easy, because as it is, one must count every individual mark, and it’s easy to loose track.

    4) Ditto with the Protractor.

    5) Why cannot the protractor be rotated to align with a known point, and a measurement taken from there? As it is, the protractor is useless.

    I have tried all combinations of keys to create other functionalities (above) but to no avail.

  2. Trying to use it. Ran into some problems.

    1) I have a Logitech keyboard/mouse combo on my Desktop PC using the latest mouse drivers. I can NOT rotate either the ruler or compass? I’ve seen reports how to use it with a mouse but it doesn’t work for me (hold down mouse button and use mouse wheel to rotate).
    2) Unlike the old snipping tool, when I add markups they are NOT saved to the Clipboard.

  3. Useful upgrade. Ruler rotates around the point of the mouse using the wheel (mouse must be on the ruler) and drags to any known point. The angle measurement is aligned to a horizontal rule and geometry takes care of the rest. Missing jpg and tif output is a drag though/

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