List of new features in Snip and Sketch app of Windows 10

Snip and Sketch is Microsoft’s built-in tool to take a screenshot. It works better than using Print Screen and saving it to MS paint for further edit. However, in Windows 10 v1903, new features in Snip and Sketch have been added. We will list them out in this guide.

Snip and Sketch app New features

Snip and Sketch has some new features which will improve the experience of Windows users:

  1. Automatically add a border to your screenshots.
  2. Print directly from the app.
  3. Confirm to discard changes
  4. Filename now includes a timestamp.
  5. Save images as jpg and gif.
  6. Set Default App to open.

new features in Snip and Sketch Settings

Before we go ahead, let’s take a look at the settings which is source for a couple of new features. Click on the menu of the app (top left) and click on Settings.

Here you have the following options-

  1. Auto Copy to Clipboard
  2. Ask to save snips before closing
  3. Snip outline

1] Auto Copy to Clipboard

Snip Sketch Copy to Clipboard tool

When you change anything using the Snip & Sketch tool, it gets copied to clipboard. You can instantly open another app like Paint, and paste the changes into it. However, you will lose the original screenshot, and you will have to use a lot of Ctrl + Z to get back to it.

2] Ask to save snips before closing

If you accidentally hit the close button, it will ask you save. It is turned on by default.

3] Automatically add a border to your screenshots

new features in Snip & Sketch Add border

A lot of you like to add a border to the screenshot. The settings menu allows you to do that. You can choose color and thickness as well.

4] Print directly from the app

Snip and Sketch Print or save as PDF

If you are feeling surprised, I am not surprised. Snip and Sketch tool didn’t have an option to print earlier. Now the print option integrates natively into Windows 10. You can create PDF or directly send to the printer.

5] Filename now includes a timestamp

When you save a snip, the default file name will be like Annotation 2019-05-27 162124. It’s good if the time stamp is necessary for you.

6] Save images as jpg and gif

Good that both of these formats are supported, specially JPG. The file sizes are low less compared to before.

7] Set Default Open to open with

Open with Third party apps from Snip Sketch

While I like the Snip and Sketch app, I don’t feel comfortable when it comes to precise editing. MS Paint still gives a lot of control when editing a picture. So if you want to use Snip and Sketch to take a screenshot, but modify it in MS Paint or 3D Paint or anything else, you can set a default app.

On the menu in the left, notice Open with option. Click on it, and then choose the app. Make sure to select the default app.

Snip and Sketch tool has gotten little more useful, but frankly, I would need more control. It is the reason why I end up using Print Screen and MS Paint combination. 

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