Game Manager – A feature-rich replacement for Windows Games Explorer

Microsoft has improved the user experience of gaming on Windows 7 and Windows Vista by including Games Explorer However, if you feel the in-built Windows 7 Games Explorer isn’t good enough for you check out the free Game Manager.

The program, like Game Explorer, organizes, updates and manages your favorite games but with some additional information like ratings, cover art and more. Game Manager automates the process of downloading game fan art, box art, screenshots, game info and official patches.

It organizes the data in a functional and sleek interface which makes browsing, sorting, filtering and running your games much easier. The program is very similar to XBMC or Windows Media Center in looks except – rather than showing videos, it shows games and has features that are specially designed for games.

The Game Manager Package includes a main program known as ‘FrontEnd’. It is the program that runs, patches, sorts and showcases your games. Most of Game Managers features can be accessed from this program.

There is also an application known as ‘Game Loader Tray’ that loads an icon in the system tray from which a menu can be accessed which allows the user to open Game Manager, Database Manager and Help files.

The main highlight of this application is that it uses few system resources and hence it doesn’t impact the system performance. When you right-click the icon you get a menu as shown below:

  1. Open Game Manager – Runs FrontEnd program of Game Manager
  2. Update Database – Runs Database Manager
  3. Setup – Runs the setup program so you can the program options
  4. About – Informs you about the program
  5. Help – Opens web browser with the help documents
  6. Exit – Closes the tray application

Game Manager Features:

  • Showcases games in InfoView, CoverFlow or BannerFlow
  • Enables running games from the interface
  • Allows downloading and installing official game patches
  • Allows viewing game Info such as release date, publisher or genre
  • Allows to find games quickly by filtering keyword/s you type
  • Helps in organizing games
  • Can be launched straight from the interface into games of many consoles (requires use of emulators/ROMs)

Though the program has been designed specifically for Windows 7, it can be made compatible with any system having the following specifications

  1. CPU: 2Ghz single core (Windows XP or below), 2GHz dual core (Windows Vista, Windows 7)
  2. RAM:  512MB (Windows XP or below), 1GB (Windows Vista/Windows 7)
  3. Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  4. Hard Disk Space: 7MB minimum, 50mb+ for a moderate game collection
  5. Graphics Card: DX7 Compatible, 3D support (Anything from the last 10 years should work)
  6. Internet: Broadband recommended

To know more about Game Manager and download it visit here.

TIP: Use a Game Booster Software to boost gaming performance.

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