Cannot download or install Apps from Windows Store in Windows 10


  1. If Win 8 is not working with fundamental things like a app install, then it just goes to show how bad it is functionally on a day to day basis.

    Users should not have to jump through that many hoops mentioned above just to install an app.

    Stick with Win 7, at least it just works…!!!

  2. On my machine Windows Firewall was disabled in the services screen. I set it to automatic and enabled it and now works fine. Thanks!

  3. Wow, thanks for the firewall tip. I guess that this wouldn’t happen on a vanilla install, but I upgraded from Windows 7 and my FW was turned off. Great work Microsoft…

  4. exactly, just because i cant download apps doesnt mean the O.S. sux so far i think win 8 is way better than 7 and ive been using it since beta

  5. Great article. Tech support in Asus couldnt solve the App update issue; told me I would have to do a System Restore – blow that! Your point Windows Firewall was almost the issue – it was horrible Mcaffee software wanting to do an update so had disabled itself. Thanks again.

  6. Nothing happens when I try windows store even after refreshing my pc. The earlier applications installed when it was working wont either. The tiles are there but just there

  7. yeah it does I bought win 8 for $30 and not being able to install skype due to error 0x800 something and not being able to download it normally sucks. and there’s no more to say about it and I’m a computer scientist btw so STFU

  8. Nothing is working for my brand new computer very annoying. cant download apps cant update apps, and cant even pin anything. Tried everything up top but nothing works. not sure if I did the window key + C right thogh

  9. I hate it!!!! I bought the computer to use…not get a degree in computer science!!! Mine came preloaded on a new computer and I cant even download apps from the windows store….HELLO Microsoft….aren’t they supposed to be made to work with each other. You can tell msoft is a huge company because no one else would get away with selling such blatant hot turd piles without some criminal charges!

  10. This is complete bullshit! I purchased Halo Spartan Assault and all I want to do is play the damn game but this ERROR is keeping me from using my PURCHASED software. Every suggested fix has NOT worked. WTF!!!!!!

  11. i cannot able to install from the windows store and it is diaplaying tha message “ur purchase could not be completed and error code is 0x80070422”.I follwed all the above stated steps but connot download and the same error message displayed
    what should i solve this error problem? and install apps

  12. i am unable t o install fb ap it is saying u r system doesn’t meet ap requirement,what kind of requirement it needs

  13. Done it all. Plus ‘Store Broker’ comes on when I boot the computer and uses all my CPU. Spent last 3 days on Microsoft Community trying everything they suggest. No luck yet. Oh well, good way to learn to find your way around a new operating system I guess….not.

  14. windows 8 apps are still pending after reading different things on forms and have tried everything they have suggested but still nothing is working.

  15. This worked for me. I got error code: 0x80246007 when i tried to install and update apps. Solution below
    For anyone else with this, the solution was that the Temporary Internet Files folder was wrong in Internet Explorer. Run IE, go into Internet Options, click Settings in Browsing History section, click Move Folder and set to something valid like “c:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows”.

  16. Sometimes the apps wont install because of error code 0x80072004
    The solution below worked for me.
    For anyone else with this, the solution was that the Temporary Internet Files folder was wrong in Internet Explorer. Run IE, go into Internet Options, click Settings in Browsing History section, click Move Folder and set to something valid like “c:UsersAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows”.

  17. The windows firewall answer was probably a good one if–and only if–you depend on the windows firewall as your firewall. But, what about all of the rest of the world’s users who use a firewall other than the one provided by windows???

  18. pls help don’t know what is wrong with my windows it just suddenly brought up the product key issue and I don’t have a product key. what to do?

  19. I’m getting “Service Registration is missing or corrupt ‘…. 0x8007002, my store loads but nothing is working. Can’t download w8.1 I get …0x0070004 I think i really need some help.

  20. How can fix the error 80048264. I can also to updated all my application in my store, my Microsoft account was deleted and I don’t know how to get it back. I have so many apps can install can please teach me if what will I do… My Skype, viber and Facebook got error give an idea how to fix it.. Thank you

  21. WINDOWS 8 is a TAGEDY!! It ruined our Christmas. It is so complicated, different and dysfunctional. I bought a computer for my mum and we are unable to operate it. I’ve been operating an android phone for a year and standard windows and all was well… an then windows 8 popped up – it is a dysfunctional repugnant mix of a telephone and a computer and it has the functionality of neither device!

  22. You’re a bit of a Cretin aren’t you? Hell you’re a complete moron. Just stick with pen and paper you tool

  23. How do I change the account it wants me to sign in on for Store?
    It keeps popping up with my office acct and I want to use my lap top acct.

  24. When I tried to install an application but it said that I need to set up family account but in others windows phone it doesn’t say anything why???????????????????? It just sucks

  25. I refreshed my assuse laptop which came !with windows 7. I Proceede to reinstall the 8.1 free up grade. The respones was install updates. The devise indicated tha it was up to date, yet I keep getting the sam notice, update first?

  26. I must be doing something wrong but I am trying to download Angry birds go but there is only app for windows phone and not windows 8. Thanks for any advice.

  27. Don’t know if it’ll work in all cases but just found a fix to get apps installing in Windows 10. Press Ctrl Alt Delete to open task manager open the services tap and scroll down to WSService which I found had not started pressed start service and it brought the store to life and am now able to install apps.

  28. i couldn’t open the store… it is showing error 80070422………….. please tell solve this error?????

  29. I have a similar problems when reinstalling an app. it sees to occur on, as far as I know, 2 apps(asphalt 8: airborne and fifa 15). it keeps on saying ‘something happened and this app couldn’t be installed. please try again. error code:0x80080206’. please any body have a solution?

  30. (this is a copy and paste from another post) 1

    I FIXED THE PROBLEM NOW. One of the first things i did when getting
    my laptop was turning off automatic updates. after i saw the problem i
    did a system restore, that fixed it temporarily but the problem came
    back. but after turning on automatic updates and updating my computer
    and restarting the store works fine now.

    this might not help everybody, but hopefully some.

  31. Simple

    get out of “Store” and go to your desktop, open explorer, go to the apps site and install it from there

  32. Thank you so much. I am able to download apps from store in Windows 10. The problem was solved by using the 6th option-Reboot in Selective Startup mode

  33. WOW!!! Absolutely none of the 3000 fixes I’ve Googled and scrolled thru did squat, BUT YOURS WORKED!!! Thank you profoundly. It does require frequent refreshing, it seems to turn itself off as soon as I’m not looking, but who cares IT WORKED !!!!

  34. By the by, it worked on my Windows 8.1. Will switch to 10 when I no longer care about living. And THANK YOU AGAIN !!!! …. Additional input for Windows 8.1: Right click on WSService, look for “Start” (there’s no “Start Service” on 8.1), click on that, check back if your apps stall or fail again and re-click if necessary.

  35. I searched hours and hours for a solution to my problem. Was unable to download and install, but for a different reason. Reading the hundred Event Log messages the store generates i stumbled across this: “Failed to acquire XToken. Showing banner prompting user to sign in.” (but it didn’t show anything – app page was reloading after clicking the download button)

    Logging out (inside the store) and re-login with the same account fixed the problem. Maybe you should include that in your list.

  36. could not download any app from microsoft store (=windows store)
    i logged out and back in. that did the trick for me.

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