Windows Update Troubleshooter from Microsoft: Fix Windows Updates problems


  1. I have a feeling this post is going to help a lot of people who don’t take the time to study the error report and the links embedded closely because 2 out of 3 Win7-64 PCs I recently updated to SP1 (1 Desktop, 1 laptop) failed with a cryptic code. I found the troubleshooter (MSFT kind of buries it’s existence in the links in the error report) and it worked to fix the problem(s) in both cases. Granted I have a small sample size right now, but 66% of the machines hitting an SP1 update error seems unbelievably sloppy to me.

  2. When my Windows Update was downloading and installing Service pack 1 and other file there was an error on one update and couldn’t install, but after i pressed Check For Update again it won’t show up. Maybe the system fixed it automatically? now I’m confuse.

  3. When I click on update and security in settings, the screen comes up, but there is nothing I can do. It freezes. How do I correct this?

  4. doesnt help anything. After aplication of this tools it says problems solved, but in fact the problem remains.
    Why does Microsoft not provide a simple reimage tool???

  5. Problem: KB3184143 (aka “GWX Remover”) fails to install with error 0x80073712 (ERROR_SXS_COMPONENT_STORE_CORRUPT).

    0) CCleaner: IE browser (history, cache, cookies), system logs, temporary files, recycling bin, etc, all cleaned away.

    00) “double-ought”: Anti-virus disabled until restart (the most AVG allows, could that be problematic on post-POST pre-LOGIN boot-processing of updates?)

    1) sfc /scannow (finds no problem, doesn’t solve problem)

    2) Windows6.1-KB3184143-x64.msu fails to install manually.

    3) “CheckSUR” aka DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth (from the 538 MB Windows6.1-KB947821-v34-x64.msu, fails to find any problems).

    4) Rename/Delete C:Windowscatroot2 (problem remains) (including net stop/start cryptsvc)

    5) Scan registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINECOMPONENTS) for 3 “bad” entries (PendingXmlIdentifier, NextQueueEntryIndex, AdvancedInstallersNeedResolving) … Entire registry searched, keys, values or data, any part of string, none found.

    6) Swearing and shaking fists.

    7) Windows Update Troubleshooter: It “fixes” things which were not problems to begin with, recognizes the 0x80073712 problem, and is unable to fix it. Ran tool again, it “found” new problems that it can’t fix, which were “fixed” on previous run, even though they weren’t “broke”.

    8) Contemplates purchase of shotgun, for use on self or computer: TBD.

    9) Delete/Rename C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution (net stop/start wuauserv/bits)

    FYI, insert liberal reboots in between – and multiple attempts and combinations – of the above commands. All to no avail. All other Windows Updates install just fine, first try. It is just this “GWX Remover” which fails to remove a non-existent version of itself.

    It is astounding, that this update, whose primary purpose is to uninstall software I had to forcibly remove over a year ago, is unable to not install itself (i.e. uninstall something which doesn’t exist, should be easy to figure out: automatic success), and that no technique, utility, tool, command, option, document, or tip, is able to resolve. I bet if they had attempted to intentionally program such a magnificent failure, they’d fail to do it and we’d have a functional piece of software. “Most Valuable” doesn’t belong in the same sentence, page, website, book, language, planet, galaxy, or universe, as “Microsoft”.

  6. Edit: With “CheckSUR” aka “DISM” command, I also tried

    DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

    Which resulted in:

    Error: 87

    The restorehealth option is not recognized in this context.

    When even the last-resort repair tools are broken.

    while ( Installed == “Microsoft” ) {
    if (Head Bang( Head++ );
    } else {
    Installed = Other;

  7. My win10 machine is updating over and over now in early 2018. It doesn’t indicate what the update is, so I can’t tell if it doing different updates, or the same one repeatedly. Hard to believe a multibillion $ company can write this sort of crap software.

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