After installing new hardware or software, if you have received KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR BSOD message in Windows 10, this is what you need to do to fix the problem. An error code like 0xC000009C, 0x0000007A or 0xC000016A may also be displayed along with the error message. The typical causes could relate to Memory, Paging file corruption, File system, Hard drive, Cabling, Virus infection, Improperly seated cards, BIOS, Bad motherboard, Missing Service Pack. At such times, the Blue Screen will display a message:

Your PC ran into a problem that couldn’t be handle, and now it needs to restart. You can search for the error online: KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR (Msis.SYS)



If a file name – eg, Msis.SYS is mentioned, it means that the driver containing this file gave problems. Now, if a computer restart doesn’t now fix this issue, you may follow these suggestions and see if they help you fix the problem.

1] Use Windows Memory Diagnostic


If you have started getting this error message all of a sudden, it might be occurring because of some internal issues of your hard drive or RAM. Run Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool – it will let you detect problems and try to fix them automatically. To start this tool, search for mdsched.exe, right-click on the search result and select Run as administrator. After opening the Windows Memory Diagnostic window, you need to click on Restart now and check for problems option.

2] Search for hard drive corruption

A bad sector on the hard drive can be a cause of this problem. If you want to search for possible hard drive corruption, there is a Chkdsk command that can help you. Open Command Prompt with administrator privilege and enter this command.

chkdsk /f /r

The OS will run the Disk Checking Utility on ALL hard drives, and fix and repair the bad blocks or sectors.

3] Install/Update all drivers

If your motherboard came with a driver CD/DVD, you would find all the essential drivers that you need to install on it. You should install all the drivers from that CD. If you don’t have it, you may use a good driver updater software to download, install or update all your device drivers. You may make use of Intel Driver Update Utility or AMD Driver AutoDetect.

4] Automatically manage paging file size

This error message can appear because of a bad sector in the paging file. What you need to do is open This PC, right-click on space and select Properties. On your left-hand side, you should get Advanced system settings. Click on it, switch to the Advanced tab and click on Settings under Performance tag. Again switch to the Advanced tab in the Performance Options window. Now you need to click on the Change button under Virtual memory. Finally, make sure the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives check box is selected and save your settings.

5] Uninstall recently installed hardware/software

If you have recently installed any hardware such as printer/scanner, webcam, external hard disk or software, you should uninstall it. Sometimes a device driver may not be compatible with Windows 10, and hence users can get such error message on their monitor. To do this open Devices Manager, identify the hardware, right-click on it and select Uninstall.

6] Perform a Clean Boot

If the problem is occurring because of any 3rd-party driver, you will be able to detect it by performing a Clean Boot, and then manually identifying the offender. You need to disable all the third-party services and restart PC with only Microsoft services.

Hope something helps!

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