Fhotoroom: A photo editing and sharing app for Windows Phone

Most of the times you use your smartphones to click pictures but the image doesn’t look as good as you would like unless you apply fine adjustments and effects. If you want to enhance your photography skills, then search for Fhotoroom app. It’s a user friendly sharing and photo editing app for Windows Phone users where you can beautify your photos by adding lots of different effects and frames.

Photo editing and sharing app for Windows Phone

 photo editing app for Windows Phone

Earlier, Windows Phone apps had only the most basic editing functions for your photographs. But Fhotoroom comes with more functionality and have more options to explore, edit and share your mobile photographs. With this photo editing and sharing app you have access to hundreds of effects and editing tools.

photo editing app for Windows Phone

Features of Fhotoroom for Windows Phone

There are lots of features of Fhotoroom app that make it an awesome sharing and photo editing app for Windows Phone. Some of the features are listed below –

  1. Photo Editing features:
  • Can edit photos up to 22MP
  • 18 filters with unlimited undo feature
  • Can save photos to phone
  • Export via One Drive
  • Maximum control and accuracy during editing of photos
  • Before/after during filter
  1. Preset features:
  • Can pin Editor to start screen
  • 26 frames with different adjustable and flip options
  • Beautiful custom design presets
  • 20 adjustable light leaks
  • 28 different custom design styles like Silver, Dose etc. 
  1. Camera Features:
  • Ability to pin Camera to start screen
  • Front facing camera
  • Tap to focus or to capture a photo
  • Macro, Scenic and Portrait
  • Can set a timer
  1. Social:
  • Join a community of photographers where you can Follow, Like, Comment and Share Photos
  • Can share photos on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr
  • Can create lock screens

How to use Fhotoroom

Using Fhotoroom  is simple, all you need to is to download and install the application and start using it.

photo editing app for Windows Phone

  1. On the main screen of the application you can see recent, popular and interesting images which you can refresh with the button present on top right hand corner of the screen.   photo editing app for Windows Phone
  2. You need to register yourself to message or follow users.photo editing app for Windows Phone
  3. Once you sign in, you can click on a single image to comment, like or share.

The user interface of the application is very simple to understand and use. It has good photo editing app for Windows phone like photo editing features like filters, controls, adjustments and share. It’s a free version photo editing and sharing app, you can click here to download Fhotoroom.

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