CoolTweak: Edit Images using the Context Menu in Windows

CoolTweak is a free and a handy image editor that lets you do it all from the context menu itself. The idea behind this utility is just to make the image editing process for non-geek computer user easier. It makes the simple photo editing task a breeze. It works completely on Context Strip technology, I mean you can perform editing tasks with your photos by just right clicking upon them.

With the pre default settings such as resizing, adding watermarks and sharing your pictures the whole image editing process becomes enormously easier. CoolTweak comes with 7 preloaded settings that can be easily customized and re-arranged to fit the needs of a user.

When you’ve installed the freeware, to use it, you can simply right-click on an image or a folder that contains images. Then you can hover over “CoolTweak” and you  see the list of tasks available for a particular image or particular folder.

After some editing when I compared some of the resulting images with the initial images, I could find that this software had really done the task well, without any degradation in the quality of my image. I was quite impressed after this experience.

As I’ve already mentioned, you can completely customize the actions that can be performed by CoolTweak. For example, I customized the Resize option to fit my needs.

You can even create new settings. Suppose you need a different setting to resize an image for your blog post, and another setting for an image that can be used as your Facebook album cover, you can easily do so. You can indeed, easily create two different settings. To create new settings you can simply click on “Add an action” button and you can create a new action that would be displayed in the CoolTweak menu.

The cool blue theme of this utility really makes it look good and cool. It makes it look very different from the other image editors. The UI is intuitive and gives the user a comfortable feel while using this software. Features such as presets, advanced options, restrictions make this tool more usable and essential.

Click here to download CoolTweak, it’s just a 6 MB download. If you are looking for easy-to-use yet effective image editor, you will definitely like it.

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