Access denied, Please log in with administrator privileges and try again

There may be instances when you have come across the error message that says “Access denied, Please log in with administrator privileges and try again” on your Windows system. It is bizarre how this message box pops up even when you are the administrator of your computer. This usually shows up when you try to open some particular program or game. It is mostly the older games and programs that are affected when you try to run them on windows 10.If you face this issue, this post is sure to help you.

Access denied, Please log in with administrator privileges and try again

Access denied, Please log in with administrator privileges and try again

Before moving on to troubleshooting,  first and foremost ensure that the program you’re running is compatible with your Windows version. If not fix this issue by using Windows Compatibility Troubleshooter and see if the problem is solved. If this fails, please proceed to the troubleshooting steps detailed below.

It might be quite possible that the Windows is not actually running the programs with administrative privileges. One way to overcome this issue is to change the properties in the program to run as administrator. Follow these steps to fix an error.

  • Right-click on the program icon that is throwing the error.
  • Click on properties in the menu which opens up the Properties window
  • Select Shortcut  tab and then click on advanced button which opens the Advanced Properties window
  • Select the checkbox next to Run as Administrator in the Advanced Properties window and click on Apply
  • Close the Properties window and open the program again.

The program should now run properly with administrative privileges. If this method fails in solving your problem, it’s quite possible that the hidden elevated administrator account is the real culprit. You can try to enable the built-in administrator account to run the program under this account. This can be enabled either in Command Prompt or PowerShell. The following steps will guide you in either of the cases.

Using Command Prompt

Access denied, Please log in with administrator privileges and try again

Follow these steps to open an elevated command prompt:

Now to enable the built-in administrator account, run the following command:

net user Administrator/active: yes

Now try.

Using PowerShell

Open an elevated PowerShell window.

In the PowerShell window, run the command:

Enable -LocalUser -Name “Administrator”

Now try and run the program and see if it has helped.

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  1. Dan

    I don’t get this exact issue, but sometimes (after running Bleachbit or CCleaner on Win10) I get prompts on app icons saying I might not have admin rights to run; usually right-clicking any affected app icon and selecting “run as administrator” cures the issue; I’m wondering if your command prompt solution would also work for my quirky random issue. Thanks!

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