Location is not available, Access is denied error for files & folders

Sometimes it happens that due to incorrect permissions, you’re not able to read or modify the contents of a file or folder. In some cases, if you’re not the owner of content from permissions point of view, you’re may receive the Access is denied message whenever you try to open the stuff:


Location is not available, Access is denied

If this is happening to your system, then first you can try to remove file access denied message in this article. Well, this kind of problem can be easily tackled by re-confirming the permissions for your self. Here are the three checkpoints, you must confirm for yourself in order to fix this issue. Before you begin, create a system restore point first.


1. Take the ownership of the file or folder with which you’re getting Access is denied message.

2. Right click the same folder now, select Properties. In the Properties window, switch to Security tab and click Advanced. Then in the following window, since you’re now the owner of content, check Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object option at bottom. Click Apply followed by OK.

Location is not available, Access is denied

Check if the issue is resolved, else move to FIX 2.


1. Right click the problematic folder or file with which you’re facing issue, select Properties.

2. Next, switch to Security tab, under Group or user names, highlight your user account name. Click Edit.


3. You need to make sure that all options like Full control, read, write, modify etc. are having a check mark under Allow. Once you’re make sure about this, click Apply followed by OK. Recheck the status of issue, if you have ticked an option that wasn’t checked earlier.


FIX 1 and FIX 2 should combined to solve your problem.


In case you’re folder or file content is encrypted, then also you may face access is denied error.

1. To deal with this, right-click the file or folder and select Properties.

2. In General tab, click Advanced. Now, you’ll see following window, where you need to uncheck Encrypt contents to secure data option simply.

See : Encrypt contents to secure data option is disabled in Windows 8


3. Now once the data is decrypted, you’ll be able to see the stuff inside your file or folder.

Hope this helps!

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An Electrical Engineer by profession, Kapil is a Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Content Creator. Please read the entire post & the comments first & create a system restore point before making any changes to your system.


  1. David

    Nice tips! A alternate method is to using the freeware TakeOwnershipPro that makes the job easier.

  2. ^^ Yeah, that may also helpful in this case 🙂

  3. Josh

    None work. No matter what I do I dont have permission. Im trying to access the Steam game called Stranded Deep. HELP PLS

  4. Lea

    This made the problem worse. I could access the external drive and open files but couldn’t do anything with the files like cut or paste or copy. Now I can’t access the drive at all. Does this mean my drive is just corrupt?

  5. Dino

    Did anyone mention here that if the above doesn’t work, try adding “authenticated users” in the group or user names?

  6. landshark123

    Having the same issue, the drive letter and name is shown in windows explorer, but I can’t open the drive or get access to the files.

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