Encrypt contents to secure data option is disabled in Windows 10


  1. This did not work for me on Win8. My encrypt option in folder properties was grayed out. But in Regedit, my Dword was already ‘0’. I deleted it and retyped ‘0’, but still had the properties option grayed out. Is there another security setting preventing me from enabling the ‘encrypt folder’ option, or could it be that it should be change the Dword from ‘0’ to ‘1’ to enable encrypting a folder?

    Thx for any help on this.

  2. ^^ You should make a reboot to make changes effective. If still it’s not working, try SFC /SCANNOW command in administrative Command Prompt and see if that helps 🙂

  3. My system has the same situation as bobg-okc. The dword is already 0. Ran the SCF command shown above, then rebooted. Registry entry still shows 0 and the option is still greyed out. (Win8.1 with all MS updates). Would you know of another solution for this? Thanks

  4. I believe this might be related to the problem. I had rebooted several times and the Dword was ‘0’ prior to and after that. In looking at my Registry setting in the File System section, my window does not display the ‘NtfsDisableEncryption’ at all. Instead, my only display with ‘NtfsDisable…anything’ is ‘NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation’. It is that which was set to ‘0’ on my machine.

    When I search my registry for your ‘NtfsDisableEncryption’ field, nothing comes up as found. Does that help what Joe b and I may be doing wrong? I assume there must be some other setting.

    If you have a means to do so, I can email you a .jpg file showing my registry screenshot.

    Thanks for your help in this.

  5. Having same issue here, anyone else get this resolved?
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  6. My Windows 8.1 computer dosent have the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SYSTEM file in my registory editor. I tried restarting but it still didn’t show up. Can you help me?

  7. Mine it set to zero but it is still greyed out……….now what???? I still can’t encrypt….

  8. same here. Well it’s grayed out and in the regedit my Dword was already ‘0’… Any fix on this ?

  9. Maybe update the article to make that clear then, instead of hoping someone finds that information hidden in the comment section.

  10. So, is it the same procedure by Windows 10 too? If its not, Where can i find ‘File system’ folder I need in Registry Editor?

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