Access is Denied error while installing software on Windows


  1. i get error 5 access denied message from out of nowhere like when i’m playing my games then i get massive lag what can be causing this?

  2. Thank you!! I have been looking all day for a solution to this stupid problem on my hp laptop (windows 8).

  3. Spent over an hour on the phone with a Microsoft support guy. Not once did he think to disable my security program (Trend Micro). As soon as I got off the phone, I tried it as a last resort… and hey presto, it worked.

  4. Why doesn’t windows go scre** itself? Unix and its kid Linux figured it out decades ago? But no Windows has to be to MORON of the Century. The disowned idiot child who runs around being stupid.

  5. Install Application .exe file, access denied. The file.exe is very long name, after change to short name is still the same error. Install application from C:temp

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