How to Enable or Disable built in Administrator account in Windows 10


  1. how does a administrator account change the password on another user with a standard account in Windows 8.1

  2. when is enter Net user administrator /active:yes in cmd it says Access Denied…i m using win 8.1

  3. Mine said the same thing. This is irritating. When I called Microsoft to try to fix this, they wanted to charge $99.99 for one month of support.

  4. ya all saying (Run as admin..) but we can’t bcoz we got 1 or 2 other account that has admin but not them.
    -Me for example.
    My fake dad got a account and my mom got one too! But My Stepfather did change it so it is just him who are admin now! AND I want to change my account to admin too (i don’t knnow he’s password)
    I can’t Run As administrator bcoz i need to type in he’s password ! I don’t wanna do that, when i ask him for the password he just say no! so what should I DO SO I CAN BE ADMINISTARTOR IN OTHER WAY THAN (RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR) ??? PLS HELP

  5. All the solutions I’ve seen so far assume that the main account has administrative privileges and “Run as Administrator” is enabled for that account… But what can I do in order to enable this Hidden/Super Administrator Account when the only available account on the system (the main user account, which used to be in the “Administrators” group) was somehow “degraded” by Windows to the “guest” group and therefore has no privileges? I mean, I have one -and only one- user account but now the “Run as Administrator” option is disabled for this account (when I click on “Run as Administrator”, it asks for a password but there isn’t any password field to type it in in order to continue).

  6. I’m sorry, but there is no way to run as an administrator without the administrative privileges.

  7. i am not able to run any administrative tools..and no permission to to open administrator drive..what can i do now?

  8. Don’t worry. I have an easy fix for you.

    Try Elementary OS, Bodhi, Linux Mint, or Ubuntu.
    Or, even Easy Peasy!

    MS will never have to know, & you won’t have to be spied on.
    Free, & easy!

  9. i just try to change my password using cmd by commnd net user alexcreeze92 password*
    and press enter, then i restart my windows and try login but its doesn’t work with my old passworld
    i try for many time. but stll incorrect.
    help please

  10. There is a way of activating a super administrator even if you don’t have an administrator account. In fact, you could even activate it without an account at all.

    This is how it’s done:

    Run a half ‘system restore’ at startup to switch you over the a DOS command prompt. A ‘system restore’ at startup runs at administrator level. Upon switching over to a DOS prompt you’ll also be switched over as an administrator. So it’s like borrowing the administrative privilege from a System tool (the restore tool). Remember that this restore tool normally loads when startup system files are corrupt, but now since your Windows is not corrupt, Restore could be activated by is a Windows Installation disk. Meaning boot up with an Installation disk, and half restore window; where it shows “command prompt” stop there and select “command prompt”. That ‘command prompt’ is a virtual command prompt, meaning it’s in memory or swap file.

  11. just try
    net user (enter)
    net user administrator * (enter)
    net user (your administrator name) example net user mypc * (enter)
    net user (your administrator name) example net user “mypc” * (enter)

  12. How can i restore my deleted Administrator permissions on my windows 8.1 thinkpad T410 laptop? i tried many procedures from different sites but it does not solve the problem. Whenever i logged in my administrator account i cannot access my hard disk. It continues popping messages that “Access is denied” but if i logged into the guest account i do have access to the hard disk(c:drive) and i can see the different accounts permissions but if i want to edit them the laptop will freeze for almost five to ten minutes before responding then finally says, you do not have the required permission to do so. please if anyone knows the solution to my problem then he/she can post it down the comments line please.

  13. is there any possible means of restoring a deleted administrator permission on windows 8.1 without formatting the disk?please help me with the procedures because i very much confused. All my office files are in the C:disk and i fear loosing them all because i do not have any backup of those files.

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