Fix: The Windows Security Center service can’t be started


  1. The Microsoft Fix It 20084 resolved this issue for me in Windows 8.1 Update, just FYI. Thank you!

  2. In step 5 you and Widows Support say we need to put the PC name but if you do so then after clicking check name you will be request for a user or built-in sec principal

  3. My firewall and security center dont even show up on services, like they got wiped from the computer..

  4. If you are like me and tried ALL of the suggestions to get Security Center to work and have had no success, go to the Restore option in Windows 8 and restore the computer to a time when you remember the Security Center working properly. I feel like I should have chosen that option first!

  5. The Microsoft Fix It 20084 resolved this issue for me in Windows 8.1 Update, just FYI. Thanks

  6. Never mind ! That was a serious malware issue. Had to Reset OS. Lost all Softwares. Had to download them again from VAIO official site and Win Store. All fixed. Creating Restore points now. Thanks for your reply.

  7. Defender and Security Center both down on Win 10 x64.
    I can re-enable in services.msc, but I find off after few seconds. WMI is ok
    Removed infections with both Bitdefender, Spyhunter and Kaspersky tool.
    Trying fixit on 10 x64 🙂

  8. Forgot to say. I did that procedures..
    Now, after .reg reset of Windows Defender, can I open and keep active Security Center (some malware in scheduled tasks, I suppose) but I still haven’t (disappared) any WinDefend in services.msc 🙁

  9. Hi

    I Have trouble with my WIN X i can’t download games in store is the error code 0X80073CF9 and how i can fix it? i can’t solved it…

    and “The Windows Security Center service can’t be started” i can’t still solved that

  10. No.8) Microsoft Fix it 20084 worked like a charm on my Windows 10. Solved it in a few seconds. This after spending a week looking for a soultion. Thanks Anand.

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