Disable, Enable, Set up & use Windows Remote Assistance in Windows 10


  1. It should be mentioned that this is a function best left disabled/deactivated as it can pose a security threat. To that end it’s only advisable to use this sort of thing as and when required and disable or deactivate the ability to allow for remote access in this way when it has been used for that purpose. I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the article.

  2. fyi, I wondered if this sentence was written as intended:

    Bear in mind, Remote Desktop cannot establish a connection with the Remote Computer until remote access to the server has been enabled, the remote computer turned off, and the remote computer is not available on the network

  3. This will always prompt the user unless they have modified the helpeeaccept.htm and TakeControlMsgs.htm… even with those things being done the person that would be exploiting this would need to be on the same network or domain. Just opening a port on the firewall does not constitute a vuln. It just means that there can be communication over that port. The only time it becomes an issue of a vuln is when there is a known vuln that would communicate over that port. This is an inherently safe way to get remote assistance.

  4. it should be noted that this is the most convoluded version of remote assistance windows has come up with yet….why can’t it just be simple like in the past? seriously windows way to f up something that really wansn’t originally that hard to do. Thanks. You have basically made this feature uselss when trying to direct non tech savy adults to a place where they can get help….now my child’s nana is going to have to find another way to fix their issue. Thank you for fing up their night Windows….epic fai..

  5. HOW CAN I LOCK THE OPTION FOR REMOTE ACCESS? My hubby keeps changing my windows setting this way with his IPhone and it’s getting extremely frustrating! THANKS TO ANY1 THAT HAS ANY IDEAS&/OR TIPS

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