TeamViewer: Free Remote Access and Control software for Windows

For years, TeamViewer has been a popular application that has been widely used to share desktop, connect to multiple PC and control them remotely via the internet. If you are away and need a document from your office PC urgently, using TeamViewer you can gain access to your office PC with all of the documents and installed applications. You can even help a friend fix a bug in his or her computer by gaining access to the PC remotely.

TeamViewer review

TeamViewer 10

TeamViewer GMBH has released a new version of the popular software, i.e., TeamViewer 10. TeamViewer 10 comes with additional new features and has various improvements over the previous versions. Let’s find out what is new in TeamViewer 10.

How to use TeamViewer

The Remote Control Tab

Creating a remote control session is the most important feature of TeamViewer. This is the reason why the company has made so many improvements in the interface and added new features to the Remote Control Tab. Looking at the Remote Control tab of the application window you will see that it is divided into two areas.

  1. Allow Remote Control
  2. Control Remote Computer

Allow Remote Control or Access

Providing access to your computer to your partner

In the area, you will find your TeamViewer ID and your temporary password. On sharing this ID and password with your partner, he or she can connect to your PC. Do note that each time you open TeamViewer, you will have the same ID and a different password. Hence, to establish a remote connection with your PC your partner would require this password every time you open a session of TeamViewer.

TeamViewer 10

Accessing your PC remotely without TeamViewer ID and Password

TeamViewer 10 has a feature using which, you can remote access your PC, without needing to have a TeamViewer ID and password. Just follow below steps.

Step 1

Click the icon TeamViewer 10 on the TeamViewer 10 to set up unattended access.

TeamViewer 10

Enter your Computer’s name and personal password.

TeamViewer 10

Click “Next, ” and you will be asked to add your Computer to Computer and Contacts. Here you have to select your existing TeamViewer account or create a new one.


Click “Next, you” and you have successfully added your Computer in the list of Computers. Don’t forget to “activate” your TeamViewer 10 account by logging to your email ID and clicking on the link in the activation email.

TeamViewer 10

Step 2

Open TeamViewer 10 on a remote Computer and click on “Computers and Contacts”. Entyour email ID and password to login to your TeamViewer account.

TeamViewer 10

After login, you will see the list of Computers that you have added.

Click on the Computer name which you want to connect (ensure that you left them connected to the Internet with TeamViewer 10 running) and click Remote Control using a password to connect.

TeamViewer 10

Wait for the application to load remote Computer’s screen. You are now ready to access your PC remotely without TeamViewer ID and Password.

Remote Control  Windows Computer

To control a computer remotely, enter its ID in the Partner ID combo box. You will see a pop up asking you to enter the password that is displayed on your partner’s screen.

TeamViewer 10

Confirm the password on your partner’s Computer and enter. Click on Log On to complete the connection and start accessing.

In TeamViewer 10 there are various connection modes available such as,

  • Remote control: Control your partner’s computer or work together on a single computer.
  • File transfer: Transfer files from or to your partner’s computer.
  • VPN: Create a virtual private network with your partner.

Other useful features in TeamViewer

  • Performance optimization: That includes CPU usage optimizations for multi-core processors, HD voice transmission quality, and faster login and load times for the Management Console
  • Addition of new Central setting policies: New Central setting policies tool has been added to the Management Console which allows new changes setting policies to be applied automatically to all installations. This reduces the workforce for an IT administrator.
  • Master Whitelist: Permit access to all your devices using just one whitelist. Hence, users don’t have to worry about granting access via the whitelist on each specific device. You can use also companies to the Master Whitelist.
  • Chat History and persistent chat groups: It offers Chat history as well as support to persistent chat groups, a huge improvement over the previous versions.
  • VoIP calls improvement and Profile Picture: Users can make video calls without starting a meeting. Also, they have the option to set a profile picture to give a personalized look.
  • Find nearby contacts: It will automatically display nearby computers and contacts, thereby allowing users to find the right person.
  • Support for Ultra HD (4K) displays: This remote access freeware has added support to 4K displays for both remote control and meeting sessions.
  • Better interface: The remote control software comes with a redesigned interface with short cuts to various features. Users can also make real time notes, even during the call.
  • Integration with the cloud: It is now possible to share files during meetings or remote control sessions by using Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box.
  • Door locking feature: For the personalized meeting, it has provided a feature wherein users can door lock a meeting. The door locking features prevents others to join a meeting without getting an invite.
  • Whiteboard feature: Users can use the whiteboard feature even during the remote sessions. Also, either participant can access this feature.

Apart from above this free software has additional features for Mac OS C and Linux computer.

TeamViewer free download

Click here to download TeamViewer for Windows. A portable version is also available.

Have a look at TeamViewer Web Connector to if you want to remote access a PC using Web Browser. More free Remote Access Software here.

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