Fix: Windows laptop will not Hibernate


  1. This is a bug in Windows. I’ve had this issue ever since Windows 7 SP1 auto installed. MS will not address the issue but know about it. Millions have reported it but MS doesn’t appear to know why. And yes, I did all the normal setting checks, even have some command line arguments to force Windows into hibernation, and nothing works. System starts to hibernate and then wakes up seconds after. The logging show no reason, not even the advanced logging. And since no log shows Windows came out of hibernation (shows that it is entering hibernation then the normal operations from normal use, nothing about it waking up), MS can’t (or wont) resolve the issue.

    If you have it and nothing above helps, live with it or reinstall your system. This happens to all Windows computers (desktop, laptop and tablets).

  2. You write “confirm that Allow Wake Timer is enabled as shown in the image.” However, in the image Allow Wake Timer is disabled. What to do?

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