How to understand and use the Heat Map on Windows 10/8 Task Manager

We have seen how the Windows Task Manager has evolved from Windows 3 to Windows 10 and also touched upon the new features which we could expect to see in the Windows 8/10 Task Manager, including the Heat Map. No doubt task manager is one of the most used services on Windows. Viewing active applications, shutting down non-responding application, analyzing system performance and much more, task manager is used for all.

windows 8 task manager heat map

Ryan Haveson, a group program manager, in a post on the Building Windows 8 blog stated that the team has assessed how the Task Manager is used by people currently and then redesigning it by focusing on optimising for the most common scenarios.

One of the major advancements in the Task Manager is the ‘Heat Map’. Heat map is designed to display applications and processes that consume more resources than expected. Now you don’t have to check out the numbers and digits to make sure which application is running beyond the threshold. This is something I find more interesting.

The telemetry data used to calculate the purpose of repeated usage of task manager is used to check for the applications that needs attention.

Apart from this there are some important tasks it can do, and they are:

  • The nice thing about a heat map is that it allows you to monitor anomalies across multiple resources (network, disk, memory, and CPU utilization) all at the same time, without having to sort the data. Thus helps you diagnose and correct performance issues.
  •  It also allows you to find the hot spot instantly without needing to read numbers or understand concepts or specific units. In usability studies it uses an eye-tracking system to test what users looked at when presented with various ways of visualizing this information.
  • It also acts as a warning indicator, letting you know a good place to start looking if you are experiencing performance issues.

Learn more about Windows 8 Task Manager features !

Well, what do you think of the new task Manager?

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