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Monitor GPU Usage in Windows 10

How to monitor GPU Usage in Windows 10 using Task Manager

The Task Manager is one stop application to monitor all processes, memory, Network, CPU, and resource usage that Windows requires.  However, there is no way to monitor GPU usage in Windows 10 because that feature is smartly hidden into Task […]

Display Command Line in Task Manager

How to display the Command Line in Windows 10 Task Manager

The Task Manager is one of the most helpful components of any Windows computer that allows users to manage non-responsive tasks and take care of the startup apps in a very convenient way. It can show various information about a […]

How to disable Startup programs in Windows 10

It is important to manage startup programs in Windows 10/8/7 that you do not need to start up every time your Windows boots. It is common for most programs to add themselves to the startup list as a result of which, your […]

Task Manager alternative software

Top 10 free Task Manager alternative software for Windows 10

Windows Task Manager is an essential built-in program in the Windows operating system. However, it doesn’t do more than killing the unresponsive processes, than actually controlling or managing them. If you wish to control the processes on your PC, then […]

How to set & save Process Priority in Windows Task Manager

Windows 10/8/7 is an intelligent operating system which assigns the priority of a process to the processor running in foreground or background. The Operating system also provides user flexibility to enhance or degrade the priority of a process as per […]

Wait Chain Traversal feature in Windows 10/8/7

Wait Chain Traversal is a feature that was introduced in Windows 7. It is a tool that lets you identify the actual process that is resulting in a hung or frozen application. Windows 8/10 goes a step further and lets […]

How to open Task Manager in Windows 10

The Windows Task Manager helps in getting information about computer performance, running applications, processes and more. In short, you can use the handy Windows tool to start certain programs or end them. It is more of a troubleshooting tool for […]

DBC Task Manager

DBC Windows 8 Task Manager for Windows 7

When compared, Windows 8 excels Windows 7 with many advanced features and new range of applications. Whether it is the faster startup, better security or Skydrive integration, Windows 8 is indeed superior. One of the improvements that you will come […]