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Set & Save Process Priority in Windows Task Manager

Windows 10/8/7 is an intelligent Operating system which assigns the priority of a process to the processor running in foreground or background. The Operating system also provides a user flexibility to enhance or degrade the priority of a process as per […]

Task Manager not opening or disabled by administrator in Windows

We normally open Task Manager when we want to end applications, check on processes, monitor performance or carry out such system related tasks. To do so, we either right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc or type taskmgr in start […]

Windows Task Manager columns explained

The main use of Task Manager in Windows 7 is to monitor the applications, processes and services running on your computer. It is also used to monitor the performance of computer hardware and network statistics. By default, only five information […]

Customized Task Manager for Windows operating system

Download and use the Customized Task Manager from Microsoft Technet if you want more information about your running processes on your Windows system. Technet Blogger Sateesh Arveti has released a small portable app – a Customized Task Manager, which has […]

Kill multiple processes in Windows with a click

Windows Task Manager does not allow you to kill multiple processes in a single click. At times it may fail to terminate a particular process or malware. These apps can help you in such cases.

Change default green color in Windows 7 Task Manager

Windows 7 Task Manager under the Performance & Networking tabs, has graphical animations which are green in color.  But if you don’t like green and would like to change it some other color, then this may interest you. Change Task […]