Stop Chrome from opening automatically when PC boots

Google Chrome opening automatically when PC boots up

Google Chrome is a popular browser, and even Microsoft recently announced that they will be moving Microsoft Edge browser to the Chromium web platform which ultimately powers Google Chrome. However some users – and even I have noticed it – […]

Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

Best free software to sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar are the most predominant calenders used today as a daily reminder. Most often your daily activities require you to keep multiple calendars that servers for both business and personal use. Some might prefer to keep […]

Top 10 Strategy Games for PC on Microsoft Store

If you are looking for the best Strategy games for Windows 10, then your search ends here. So, when we have vetted the top ten strategy games for PC in Microsoft Store, we have looked at the biggest decisions to […]

NET::ERR_CERT_INVALID error on Google Chrome

SSL connections allow the user to access a website securely. Google Chrome offers support for the same, which helps in maintaining the security of the user while surfing the Internet. Now, when Google Chrome sends a request to a website […]

How to get Mac-like smooth fonts on Windows 10

If you are a using both macOS and Windows, you might have observed that the font in the Mac looks different than the fonts in Windows system. The texts in the Windows system appear smaller and less sharp as compared to […]

Fix OneDrive errors

How to fix various OneDrive errors on Windows 10

OneDrive client for Windows 10, at times, may throw up errors which will be accompanied by error codes to help us troubleshoot and fix the issue. Today, we will be checking out how to fix various OneDrive errors. Here’s how to […]

PhotoPad - Free Photo Editor for Windows 10

PhotoPad is a free Photo Editor software for Windows PC

Not all of us can afford the high cost of Photoshop and other premium photo-editing tools. Sometimes we just need to do some basic editing. Therefore, a free tool should work just fine to get the job done. On the […]

senior citizen pc

How to set up a Windows 10 PC for senior citizens

Windows 10 requires some new skills to use it with ease, and those seniors who may have been used to Windows 7 or Windows XP would need to learn a few new tricks. If you are looking on how to […]

10 best Platformer games for Windows 10 PC

In simple terms, a Platformer game is a game in which the player or the character jumps on platforms to achieve points or proceed through the levels. As an example, those good old coin collecting games like Temple Run are […]

Windows Update Error 0x80200053

Windows Update Error 0x80200053 while downloading updates

Firewalls are meant to protect computer systems by monitoring and/or preventing incoming traffic while following set protocols. However, many at times, they become a problem and prevent certain functions of the system. They could cause Windows Update to fail with […]

Windows doesn’t have a network profile for this device

Some users have reported that while trying to connect Network devices, like printers and speakers, to their Windows systems, they encounter an error Windows doesn’t have a network profile for this device. This issue has been reported for non-network devices […]

Fix Windows Update error 0x80070422

Error 0x80070422 can occur on a Windows computer when running Windows Update, activating Windows Firewall or downloading from the Windows Store. In this article, we will talk about Windows Update error 0x80070422. When this occurs, it usually means that the […]


Fix Video Scheduler Internal Error Blue Screen Error

The Graphics Card on a computer is a very important component of a computer. They are responsible for rendering a number of objects on your computer. But there can be scenarios when the performance of this rendering can degrade, and […]

Fix Windows Defender error code 0x80073afc

If you see Windows Defender throw up an error code 0x80073afc when you boot your Windows computer or when you try to run Windows Defender manually, then the cause for this could be corrupted Windows Defender files. This error could […]


The PDC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT Blue Screen stop error has a bug check value of 0x0000014F and occurs when a system component has failed to respond within the allocated period, preventing the system from exiting connected standby. If you face this BSOD, then some […]

RecoverRx is a tool from Transcend which helps you to recover files from storage devices like hard drive, SSD, flash storage, SD cards and so on

RecoveRx lets you recover erased files from storage devices

RecoverRx for Windows helps you recover files from storage devices like photos, documents, music & videos files, from Hard Drive, SSD, USB Flash storage, SD cards, MP3 music players, etc. by performing a deep scan. If some other data have not […]