Turn On or Off Windows Firewall in Windows 10

How to enable or disable Windows Defender Firewall in Windows 10

When you install third-party security software, Windows 10 will automatically disable the built-in Windows Firewall. In case it does not, you may want to disable this Windows Defender Firewall manually. This post will show you how to enable or disable […]

UEFI to run Windows 10

Do you need to enable UEFI to run Windows 10?

Do you need to enable UEFI to run Windows 10? The short answer is no. You don’t need to enable UEFI to run Windows 10. It is entirely compatible with both BIOS and UEFI However, it’s the storage device that […]

Force Windows Update on Windows 10

How to force update Windows 10

When Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 feature updates, they do it in phases. It means that they are not available to everyone right away. While it is possible to force update Windows 10, you should understand a few things. The […]

Edit audio like a pro with Ocenaudio for Windows 10

Over the many years, we’ve covered a lot of audio editors, quite a few were too complicated for the average Joe or Jane to use properly. With that in mind, we decided to search around for something more user-friendly. After […]

Error 0xC00D3E8E: The property is read only

It is very painful to encounter error 0xC00D3E8E while moving a file from one location to another on a Windows 10 computer. There can be a number of reasons for this error and they are hard to guess – but the main […]

Where does Windows 10 Store Themes

Where does Windows 10 store Themes?

Windows 10 can be customized using themes, wallpapers, and lock screen images. Just like any other wallpapers, and lock screen images, Windows 10 stores Themes in a dedicated location. They are like an archive file which stores wallpapers, pictures, effects, […]

Fix HDMI Port not working properly on Windows 10 PC

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is an audio/video interface that can be used to interconnected multiple multimedia devices. The most common use for this is when a CPU is connected to a monitor and a projector. It can also be used to […]

Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80246017 on Windows 10

Windows Update error codes need to be fixed as they make the affected computer vulnerable to threats and exploits. However, fixing different errors can vary from error to error. The error code 0x80246017 is accompanied by message WU_E_DM_UNAUTHORIZED_LOCAL_USER. As per the […]

Fix Error 0x80240438 for Windows Updates and Microsoft Store

The Error Code 0x80240438 can occur for both Windows Updates and the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. This is because the delivery mechanism for both is interdependent and common. This is the reason that many Windows Update and Microsoft Store error codes […]

How to show your working hours to your colleagues in Outlook

Since Microsoft Outlook is packed with several features, it remains the standard email and calendar platform for millions of users. It has been designed to help users manage their work time more effectively. But when multiple users are collaborating how […]

Windows Key is Genuine

How to check if the Windows Key is Genuine or Legit

A copy of Windows is genuine only if it has been activated using a valid key. When you buy Windows Keys from Microsoft websites or get them from the OEMs, you can be sure that they are genuine. But you […]

How to scan email attachments online for virus

Normally we all have an antivirus software resident on our computers to protect our data files from malware. We have been taught not to open attachments from unknown email addresses. But what if you want to get a second opinion […]


Fix Windows 10 Upgrade or Activation error 0xc03f6506

Many home users tend to get a computer that comes installed with Windows 10 Home. Since Windows 10 Pro offers even more features and utilities than Windows 10 Home, many prefer to upgrade Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro. […]

Reset Windows 10

What happens when you reset Windows 10

Windows 10 offers an in-built feature which allows you to reset Windows 10. This feature comes in handy on many occasions, but have you wondered what happens when you reset Windows 10? In this guide, we will share all the details […]

How to get Mac Mouse cursor & pointer on Windows 10

When it comes to choosing a computer, whether to pick a Mac or a computer running Windows OS is overwhelming. Both Windows and Mac have their own pros and cons, making both viable choices. While Windows is popular and is […]

Should you install Windows 10 Updates

Should you install Windows 10 Updates?

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 Updates regularly. It can be security updates, a significant upgrade or cumulative updates. Given the problems that Windows 10 updates cause – some people have this lingering question in their minds – Should you install […]