Install PWA on the new Edge browser

How to install PWA on the new Microsoft Edge browser

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are the next big this in the app based ecosystem across platforms. Various companies are pushing hard on their platforms to add support for Progressive Web Apps. This includes Windows 10, Android as well as iOS. […]

How to turn off or change Notifications for Google Calendar

Gone are those days when you used to keep a dairy to catalog planned events, list the appointments and schedule the meetings. With the development of the web-based digital calendar, tracking appointments have been a lot easier and you don’t […]

reset winsock

How to reset Winsock in Windows 10

Windows Sockets or Winsock is a technical specification or a programming interface which decides how any program handles input/output requests for Internet applications, i.e., TCP/IP in Windows. In this guide, we will learn about Winsock, why and when you need […]

No such interface supported

No such interface supported error for Windows File Explorer

The No such interface supported error occurs due to corruption in the system files that support various tasks on a computer that work with the File Explorer or in short the Windows File Explorer process. It leads to difficulties for browsing […]

Best builds for Kodi

Best builds for Kodi – 2019

While Kodi is an excellent media player by itself, the real magic of the application lies in its builds and add-ons. If Kodi is the skeleton, Kodi builds are the flesh. They change the whole experience of the media streaming […]

How to capture Gameplay and stream it via Radeon ReLive

As the AMD ecosystem continues to expand, Radeon ReLive architecture promise to make your gaming moments more personalized by allowing you to capture and stream your gameplay. In this post, we’ll see how to configure Radeon ReLive to capture and […]

Fix Microsoft Edge installation & update errors

Fix Microsoft Edge installation & update errors

Installing the new Microsoft Edge Chromium browser is usually straightforward, but just like other software, it can run into an error. In this post, we are looking at Microsoft Edge installation & update errors and how to fix them. Microsoft […]

Action Center

How to delete old notifications in Action Center on Windows 10

Notification pop-ups on the window screen of your computer system are a very common sight, isn’t it? One little box rising to inform you about new software updates, or an email message is sometimes useful but sometimes immensely distracting. Windows […]

Sticky Note or Notepad on Desktop

How to put Sticky Note or Notepad on Desktop in Windows 10

Notepad and Sticky Notes are two favorite apps when you want to note down something rather quickly. The advantage with Sticky Notes is that it autosaves – but then Notepad opens faster and simpler. However, for quick access, both of […]

Mute tabs on Google Chrome

How to mute Tabs in Chrome browser on Windows PC

The internet is bursting out video and audio advertisements, making you feel like standing in one noisy marketplace. And when you are working on several tabs in one time, it can be perplexing to spot which tab is making all […]

Unable to connect to Synaptics Pointing Device Driver

If you encounter the error – Unable to connect to Synaptics Pointing Device Driver while trying to access the system’s touchpad settings, this post could be helpful for you. Users dealing with this error might be unable to use the […]

Screen Flickering in Chrome

Fix Google Chrome screen flickering issue on Windows 10

Is your Google Chrome screen constantly flickering after a Windows 10 upgrade? Several users encountered an issue of screen flickering in Chrome when they upgraded to a recent Windows 10 build. The strange part is that only Google Chrome gets […]