What is csrss.exe or Client Server Runtime process?

If you open the Windows Task Manager, you may see a process csrss.exe. This is Client Server Runtime file, and it is a Windows operating system file located in the System32 folder. So what is this csrss.exe? How do you […]

Fix: Surface Pro Pen pressure sensitivity not working

When Microsoft decided to bring the Surface devices to market, the company wanted to make sure that folks could do real work. Now, one of the most popular versions of the Surface is the Surface Pro 3, and from what […]

critical process died

Fix ntkrnlmp.exe BSOD on Windows 10

The file ntkrnlmp.exe is associated with the Windows operating system’s NT Kernel and other system processes. The blue screen of death error associated with this error is CRITICAL PROCESS DIED. This error can be caused because the mentioned file might get corrupted or […]


Fix Error Code 0x8007007E on Windows 10

If you receive error code 0x8007007E on your Windows 10/8/7 computer then you are looking for a solution, then you have landed in the right place. Error code 0x8007007E can appear in the following three scenarios and this post offers some […]

W10Privacy lets you Turn off Windows 10 Privacy Settings

With a lot of data leaks and revelations happening, everyone is concerned about their privacy. And whatever device you use, having proper settings to ensure maximum privacy is a must. This post talks about freeware for Windows that lets you […]

ntdll.dll error

Fix ntdll.dll crash error on Windows 10

A DLL or Dynamic Link Library file that we are going to discuss today is called ntdll.dll. It is created by Windows in the System32 folder when the OS gets installed. The description of the file reads ‘NT Layer DLL’ which means […]

How to block ad choices on eBay

After revelations that IT companies like Facebook and Google were sharing user information with third-party companies to customize advertisements, people offended and protested against the deception. Since then, most IT companies have vowed not to disclose confidential information and seek […]

How to set up and use Docker Desktop on Windows

Are you a developer and getting started with containerization? Containerization is the new trend these days and it makes your existing application system-independent and more reliable. If you are just a beginner and getting started with tools like Docker, then […]

Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe

What is Windows Logon Application or winlogon.exe?

What is this winlogon.exe? Where is it located? Is it a virus? Why does it consume high CPU on Windows 10 at times and what you do about this? Now if you open the Windows Task Manager, you may see […]

The driver detected a controller error

Fix The driver detected a controller error on Windows

Blue Screen of Death errors are every computer user’s nightmare. Some can be easy to resolve, while others were pretty difficult. One of the difficult to resolve errors is: The driver detected a controller error. It could be followed by […]

Fix SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE Blue Screen of Death error

Though there are many potential causes for SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSE – 0x000000DA error, but incompatible hardware detection, and hardware recognition failing remain the top causes for this error. Another reason for this error is a system file corruption. This means that, if […]


What is Hyper-Threading and how does it work?

At first, we had single core CPUs. These CPUs were clocked at a certain speed and could deliver performance at that particular speed. Then came the age of CPUs with multiple cores. Here, every individual core could deliver its own […]

Fix DCOM Error 1084 on Windows 10

DCOM is a module on Windows computers, that allows those computers to run programs over a network to another computer. It is an acronym that stands for Distributed Component Object Model and it is a software component from Microsoft that allows […]

get free WiFi anywhere

How to get free WiFi anywhere on laptop or phone

There may be many reasons for seeking a free WiFi or hotspot. Maybe you are on a limited plan on your cell phone, so you want WiFi to spend less on mobile data. It may also happen that the place […]