Microsoft Edge data Sync Chromium

How to manage Data Sync on the new Microsoft Edge browser

Four years after launching Edge browser, they Microsoft has rebuilt it on the Chromium engine. The browser seems to be smooth at working and does not show any sign on instability as of now. In fact, many have started to […]

The device is not ready error while trying to connect USB Drive

External hard drives have become important for storing data. However, some users have reported the following error while trying to access a connected external hard drive – The device is not ready. This error prevents the user from accessing the […]

Windows 10 Remote Desktop in Windows Home

How to use Windows 10 Remote Desktop in Windows Home (RDP)

There are many differences between Windows 10 Home and Professional. The Remote Desktop feature is one of them. Unlike the professional version, if you ever try to use Remote Desktop feature in the home version, you will not be able […]

Microsoft Office is not activated

What happens if Microsoft Office is not activated or unlicensed?

Microsoft Office has been the gold standard of office applications. While there are plenty of amazing free Microsoft Office alternatives available, none come close to this real deal. Now many users have these questions – What happens when the trial […]

Panolapse time-lapse software for Windows PC

Time-lapse videography is an important concept in video editing. While the option is available in all expensive videography software suites, amateurs wouldn’t prefer them. Fortunately, we have a few free options for creating time-lapse videos and panorama motion videos. We […]

enable Dark Mode theme on new Microsoft Edge browser

How to enable Dark Mode theme on new Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft has relaunched its Microsoft Edge browser powered by the Chromium engine. It launched as a public preview – but the final build will be available soon. One of the most loved and latest features added to the new Edge […]

Windows 10 QoS not working

Windows 10 QoS not working

Windows 10 QoS or Quality of Service is a terminology which means how any network related device managers data traffic to reduce the loss of data, packet, latency, and jitter on the net. It can control and manage network resource […]

CD/DVD icon not showing in Windows File Explorer

At one time, Floppy drives, CDs and DVDs used to be a primary source of external storage for many, before USB storage devices took over. Nowadays, many devices do not even come with a built-in CD or DVD writer or […]

VirtualBox Seamless Mode is grayed out or not working

If you are trying to switch to Seamless Mode in VirtualBox virtual machine but it is not working, or the Seamless Mode option is grayed out, you can follow this article to get the solution. Users can press Host + […]

Fix ERR_UNSAFE_PORT error on Google Chrome on Windows 10

Google Chrome is the world’s most used web browser. But like any other software, it is prone to errors. One such error is the ERR_UNSAFE_PORT error. This is caused due to data being accessed using a port that is not recommended. […]

Time Lapse Creator app for Windows 10

Those who have been working with videography and editing know how important creating time-lapse videos are. A time-lapse video combines many images or compresses a video such as to explain a lot of information in little time. The Time Lapse […]

We couldn’t find any drives while installing Windows

If you are trying to install Windows in VirtualBox virtual machine, but you see an error message We couldn’t find any drives, To get a storage driver, click Load driver, then this post will help you fix that problem. This […]

Unable to load directory results says Skype on Windows 10

Skype is one crucial but sometimes, a bothersome application. While Microsoft has been bettering upon issues reported by Skype users all these years, some known problems remain unresolved. One such case is with the error – Unable to load directory […]

Fix Microsoft Store error 0x80131500 on Windows 10

The Microsoft Store is an integral part of the Windows 10 operating system. It is the distribution hub of various applications like Facebook, Netflix and more. Microsoft is looking forward to making it a hub for not just UWP applications […]