Remove Shortcut text, Shortcut Arrow from Shortcuts in Windows 10/8/7


  1. @mickrogers:disqus : You may be required to run UWT2 for Windows 7 as an administrator.
    @ShaunWarburton:disqus : Thank you for helping out with an alternative freeware.

  2. Hello to the Group. I’m Paul. Tonight I’m attempting to remove the shortcut arrow on a Windows 8.1 machine without installing applications to do so. I followed the instructions for Registry editing that were provided. That worked fine for the Current_User but the Link entry was absent from Explorer for .default and the other two user accounts I checked. I haven’t restarted Explorer or Windows yet so I don’t know for certain that it did work but what I encountered matched the instructions up to that point. In the event that it doesn’t work after restarting Explorer / Windows I will post again with that information.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions that are provided.

  3. Hello Paul,
    If the Link value isn’t present there, you need to create a new one. Just go to the key and right click on the right blank side then click NEW-> Binary. When setting the value, type 8 times 0 there like this “00 00 00 00”

    If it doesn’t work, try creating the same value in Local _Machine at the same location i.e Explorer.

    I have not tried this but I will surely do so in the evening here.

  4. Under HKEY_USERS, I do not see my user name, but what appears to be a hashed version of it.
    for example: “S-1-5-21-3510082974-3805616302-1831012897-1001” I have several of these, but some are shorter.

  5. Sorry, this ‘tip’ is useless for any corporation computer users, where you have no administration rights and you can’t install all software in the world… Actually you can’t install anything… Changing register? GL…
    For home users and maniac, it’s OK.
    BTW, I am maniac working for DHL 🙂

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