How to Pin website to Taskbar or Start Menu using Edge in Windows 10

If you ever feel like pinning a shortcut to a website or web page to the Windows 10 Taskbar, Edge browser now lets you do so easily. You can pin a web shortcut to Start Menu using IE, Chrome or Firefox, and  IE lets you pin a shortcut to the taskbar using drag-and-drop method – now let us see how to do it in Microsoft Edge web browser on Windows 10 v1709.

Pin website to Taskbar or Start Menu using Edge

Pin website to Taskbar using Edge

To pin any web page to the taskbar, open any web page in Microsoft Edge browser that you want to pin to the taskbar.

Next, click on the 3-dotted Settings button in the top-right corner. You will see an option called Pin this page to the taskbar.

Click on it, and right after that, you will see a new icon in the taskbar. The favicon of the site should be visible as the pinned icon. If any site is not using any custom favicon, the default icon will appear.

To pin the web link to the Windows Start 10 Start Menu, select the Pin this page to Start option, which appears just below it – and you will find a shortcut to the web page or website appear in your Start Menu.

If you access a website or a webpage frequently, you will find this feature very useful.

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  1. Daniel Weinell

    I see Pin to Start but not pin to taskbar. Why could that be?

  2. Ayush Vij

    What is the version of Windows 10 that you are using?

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