The Overlay Icons in Windows explained


  1. And if you want you can get back the overlay for shared items by installing Classic Shell, the best shell extension for Windows Explorer that undoes 50% of the damage done to the shell and Explorer by the Windows team since Vista.

  2. Those little padlocks started showing up after I installed and started using TeraCopy on Win 7 64bit. Not sure why it waited until then unless these overlay icons came with a Windows Update at the same time I installed TeraCopy.

  3. @tuxplorer Classic Shell doesn’t undo any damage, it just brings different kind of crap, i.e. giving you a 16+ year old start menu design. Also, the shared items overlay function doesn’t work, so meh, classic shell is waste of time.

  4. In Windows 10, there are new overlay icons, such as the two blue arrows pointing at each other, denoting that the drive where the file is, is using compression. You may want to include this in your article to make it more up-to-date.

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