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change desktop icon font color

How to change the Desktop font color in Windows 10

If you are looking for a way to change the Desktop font color in Windows 10, then you have come to the right place. This is something that is not much talked – but after researching a bit, we came […]

Red X in Circle error on Local Disk drive partitions

Red X on folders, files or Hard Drive in Windows 10

According to several reports, a rare error of Local Disk drive partitions having a red circle with an X in their icons. The cause of this error is still unknown, but it usually means that the file folder or disk […]

Icons not showing in Windows Search Box on Windows 10

Icons help a user to select a file or identify that file. Both the complexity and visual appearance of the software goes down when these icons are not present. Some users have been facing this issue. They are reporting that […]

Word icon is not showing on .doc & .docx document files

It has been observed that conflicts with the default program settings in Windows can cause plain white icons to be displayed on your ‘.docx‘ files. As such, you may not see any Microsoft Word icon. If Microsoft Word icon is blank […]

Black background behind Folder icons

Black background behind Folder icons in Windows 10

Windows 10 File Explorer provides a variety of ways to organize the contents of files and folders of the system. The Window users can use some efficient styles to view the contents of the file system as per the user’s […]

Desktop icons slow to load

Desktop icons slow to load in Windows 10

If your Desktop icons are slow to load in Windows 10/8/7, then these suggestions will help you fix the slow startup and boot problems. This could result because of the presence of many startup programs, a corrupted User Profile or […]

System icons not showing

System icons not showing or missing from Windows 10 Taskbar

Sometimes you may find that your System Tray Notification Area Icons, like Clock, Volume, Network or Power missing or momentarily disappeared in Windows 10/8/7. If you face this issue, here is how you can resolve the issue. System icons not […]

Desktop Icons not working in Windows 10

Are you facing and issue, where you find that your desktop icons are not working or showing in Windows 10/8/7? Usually, this happens if the file associations are messed up. Before telling you how to fix it, I will, in […]

Google Chrome icon too large

Google Chrome icon too large on Windows 10

Maybe Google Chrome wants to stand out in a crowd, and that is why it displays such a large icon in the Start Menu of Windows 10. Whether you display a small icon or a medium icon, the logo takes […]

How to Unhide or Hide Desktop icons in Windows 10

If your Desktop icons are not showing in Windows 10/8/7 or if you want to hide or unhide the desktop icons, then this post is sure to interest you. If your desktop icons are missing or do not display on […]

Increase Icon Cache Size

How to increase Icon Cache size in Windows 10/8/7

Some Windows 10 users have been reporting that their desktop or explorer icons load slow when they start the PC. If you are facing such an issue or if you find that your icons look weird or corrupted, you may […]