Outlook is not responding, has stopped working, freezes or hangs


  1. mi computer windows 10 so now and than freez up
    i have livemail also freez up than all computer freez up
    removed some USB device checked hard drive for errors its solved
    i think its westeren digital mechinical hard drive

  2. Anand, you are the GREATEST! I have 5 hours working on clients Surface Pro3/win 10 Outlook. I removed all the .nst and .ost files, let OL reload and it worked. Then, do a reboot and it fails. Your Graphic Acceleration fixed it. Surface Pro 3 has hardware bugs that have not been fixed.

  3. I had the same problem, even outlook won’t start in safe mood , I been trying for ages to fix it but I managed to resolve this issue with these steps
    1- Open control panel
    2- type mail on the search bar
    3- click on mail
    4- click on mail accounts
    5- delete your mail account completely.
    6- click on new and create your mail account again.
    Job done, good luck

  4. After trying every thing suggested, I finally tried this – and so far it appears to have worked! See my happy face!

  5. We had this problem where I work. Roboforms was running in the background (it was an older version). As soon as it was closed Outlook worked just fine.

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