How to turn off Hardware Graphics Acceleration in Microsoft Office


  1. I tried all this before and it made only a minimal improvement.
    I still couldn’t stand the blurry text it so I reverted back to Office 2010.

    It makes you wonder if there was any communication at all between the team that built Office 2013 and the team that built Windows 8.

  2. newly upgraded to win10, so also upgraded office 2010 to 2013.
    i added that dword as suggested, DisableHardwareAcceleration, as well as DisableAnimation.

    both set to 1, no effect whatsoever.
    i remember doing this on another computer, win8.1 office2013, and there it did have the effect.

    please help – what can i do to solve this?

  3. that’s a dumb suggestion.
    i fixed this issue a little while ago – the method above plus DisableAnimations (notice s at the end).
    office 2013 was still blurry on my old laptop, but somehow office 2016 works just fine, i don’t know why. so, anybody reading this, i recommend you just upgrade to office 2016.

    open office or libre office, or whatever the shit open source project is a complete nightmare. rather just fix this small issue on your old ass pc to work with the new versions of ms office.

  4. check your resolution scaling, and aspect ratio- double check that clear type is on and youve gone through the prompts to select clearest settings- check and update your video drivers and monitor drivers, etc Run your Office 2013’s Repair feature found in Programs & Features, Office 2013 -> Change

    Be sure that any addins you have in any of the Office 2013 apps, are compliant to the version you have (Office 2013 32-bit/64-bit) if not compliant, start by disabling one addin at a time and test out- ( can confirm issue isnt addin related, by disabling ALL enabled addins, or by starting the app in “safemode” = Start->Run: excel /safemode [press enter]

    Drill through the Office 2013 applications Options, turning on or off items related to processing and graphics

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