Internet Explorer Hardware Acceleration: Enable, Disable, Troubleshoot, FAQ

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  1. I got 13seconds score >
    Hardware Acceleration to ON…

  2. Pmc

    8 seconds using Firefox 10
    11 seconds using IE9

    Why should there be no sound with Firefox when there is with IE9?

  3. Murkyrat

    7 seconds consistantly. (Hardware Acceleration on)

  4. Anonymous

    6 seconds…IE9

  5. When I tried again now I got “9 secs” !

  6. Bobby Phoenix

    Firefox can’t handle certain codes like IE does yet. Same with Santa’s Workshop. No sound, and color is mostly black instead of colors.

  7. Latta

    I got 6 sec with IE9. At first it was 22 seconds, I enabled software acceleration, restarted, still slow, went back to hardware acceleration and restarted. The new time was 6 sec. I had a similar result with the fish tank.

  8. JES2014 ????????? ?????

    6 seconds consistently with hardware acceleration checked on.

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