Display driver stopped responding and has recovered in Windows 10/8/7


  1. The problem I’m having is that whenever I try to start this game I have on my computer, Star Trek Online, right at the usual character selection screen, the monitor goes black and I get this “display driver stopped responding and was recovered” message. Usually I have a Firefox page with a video paused open when this happens. Is it the video? My current OS is Windows 10 and the game that keeps crashing, before I upgraded, worked fine on Windows 7. My GPU is an HD ATI Radeon 4250. Is it my GPU or my OS? I’ve gone on my computer manufacturer’s website and on the AMD website and downloaded the latest drivers. Is there a solution to this problem?

  2. I have been getting this issue for a year now on 3 different Nvidia GPU’s (GTX760, GTX970, and GTX1080), the problem seems to be NVIDIA rushing out bad driver, after bad driver, after bad driver, and the NVIDIA forums are awash with similar stories.

    Usually, I would be playing a game, and then the screen will go black, the game crashes out with an Access Violation (0xc00000005) error and the window pops up that the NVIDIA display driver stopped responding and has recovered. But it only recovered enough to bring the desktop back up, and I have to restart my rig before I can play another game!

    I also find performance degrades severely after a driver update and I have to roll back until either NVIDIA release a new driver, or NVIDIA releases a hotfix. Some drivers have even caused me to BSOD when running any OpenGL program!

    It used to be AMD that was infamous for bad drivers, but now NVIDIA has eclipsed them and is the company with the worst drivers in town.

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