Repair corrupt Outlook PST & OST personal data files with Inbox Repair Tool


  1. Thank you!!! Fantastic instructions. “Errors have been detected in the file outlook.PST”. Try something else… outlook PST repair tool which is more helpful to solutions.

  2. Thank you!!! Fantastic instructions. “Errors have been detected in the file outlook.PST”. Try something else… outlook PST repair tool which is more helpful to solutions.

  3. There is no doubt that built-in scanpst tool is capable to handle most of the issues of MS Outlook. However, this application fails in case of heavily corruption or damaged. 2 weeks ago, I was experiencing corruption issue and I tried the scanpst tool but no success. After googlng and investing some times on the Web, I found an Outlook PST repair tool as mentioned here:

    After using this application, I found that tool is really capable to handle all corruption problems in MS Outlook.

  4. Sometimes you need to run the Scanpst.exe 3 to 4 times to repair the pst file. But firstly , you need to identify the version of Microsoft Outlook that you are using. The size limitation for .pst file is 2 GB in Microsoft Outlook 2002 and its earlier versions .

    Also Scanpst.exe is not able to repair the .pst file which have the size of more than 2 GB. So it is necessary to know the version of the Outlook and reason for .pst file corruption. Once you get the information then either Scanpst.exe or not. So more use in such cases


  5. Download Inbox repair tool to run it and get rid
    of all the issues pertaining to the damage or corruption of the PST file. But
    if there are issues other than header corruption then the tool would be of no use.
    In such a situation you need to make use of efficient and reliable third party
    PST recovery software that can recover all lost or inaccessible files

  6. No doubt, inbox repair tool is free utility but it faces several critics like unable to fetch PST file, emptied by unknown error or bug and lack of assurance with result. In case, you data is brutally affected then you should opt for advanced inbox repair methodology.

  7. It is a very common problem that your PST file gets corrupted due to several reasons. THus, if you need to repair your corrupted pst file then the best option is to use a software. Use Outlook PST Repair Tool in order to recover your corrupted pst file safely. For more information please visit the site:
    use free demo version.

  8. Most of MVP’s are recommended that Outlook user can use advanced version of Inbox repair tool when traditional ScanPST.exe fails. To know, how a robust PST repair tool works given below:

  9. I’m curious as to the size of the PST. Due to the age of it, it may be limited to 2GB. If the size now is very close to that it is very possible that is your issue. It just depends on what version of Outlook the PST was originally created in. If the PST is extremely large, that opens up a can of worms too. Anything larger than 10GB is asking for problems and anything larger than 15-20GB is pretty much suicidal. Here is a site with Outlook Repair Toolbox of the various recovery products available.

  10. HI Outlook lab
    I am facing the same issue with Inbox repair tool provided by Microsoft. Can you please suggest me a good advance PST repair utility?

  11. Hi Gebrial
    Outlook is our main personal information manager. We can understand your problem. We’ll advise you to use a good third party tool. We have tested many PST repair software but one which we would recommend you is from Stellar and is available in market with name Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair software. Demo version of this software is absolutely free of cost but demo version will show only preview of repaired mailbox. To save repaired mailbox emails
    you need to purchase this software.

  12. Hi Caleb,

    Microsoft provides a free tool to repair corrupt PST named as Scanpst.exe. We can repair our corrupt Outlook PST
    with Inbox repair utility but it has some limitations like:

    It would not repair PST file of above 2GB.

    No assurance for complete file repair as free tool repairs corruption occurs in header part

    No guarantee you will get back 100%data back after file repairing process.

    To overcome this problem we tested various other PST repair tool available. You could opt for a third party tool that comes with a free demo option.

  13. I was wondering how can i do that in my windows 8.1 preview version..i downloaded that from a site named…do i need to update it or activate it before doing that?

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