What is OOBE or Out-Of-Box Experience in Windows 10?

When you install Windows 10, it takes you through a setup process. Only when you complete all the steps, do you get to use Windows 10. Microsoft calls them OOBE or Out of Box experience in Windows. It is the first startup experience that is impacted by image customizations and software add-ons applied to the Windows retail image. In this post, I will share more information about OOBE.

OOBE or Out-Of-Box Experience in Windows

OOBE or Out-Of-Box Experience in Windows 10

OOBE is nothing but a set of scripts that are necessary to be completed. It performs initial hardware and software configuration on the computer. The setup process also takes multiple user choices, especially from Privacy concern, Email, Create users, connect to a wireless network, and more.

OOBE experience can change with every version of Windows 10 Feature update, but it largely remains the same. As an example, you can use Cortana to setup Windows 10. The feature was introduced later in one of the feature updates.

Here is a list of choices you will have to make through the OOBE out of the box setup experience when setting up Windows 10.

  1. Accept the licensing agreement.
  2. Make choices for Country, Language,  and Keyboard layout.
  3. Sign in with a Microsoft account, or you can choose to create a local admin account.
  4. Choose privacy settings for Windows features, which include location, speech recognition, diagnostics, and other settings. Most of them are on by default, but you can toggle them off.
  5. Setup Activity history
  6. Usee online speech recognition
  7. Allow location access to Microsoft apps
  8. Send diagnostic data to Microsoft screen
  9. Configure ink & typing screen experience
  10. Get tailored experiences with a tailored data screen
  11. Let apps use advertising ID screen
  12. Setup Sign-in with Windows Hello
  13. Link your Phone and PC
  14. Office 365 integration
  15. Find my device.

OOBE Out of Box Experience

The last part of the Windows 10 setup will take a few minutes to complete. Once finished, you will see a screen that says – This won’t take long, Setting your device for work.

Wait for it to complete, and you should be at the login screen.

Use the same password you used to create the account, and it will allow you to enter your computer.

That’s it!

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