Use Windows Ink Workspace for a personal Pen experience in Windows 10

Windows Ink Workspace is one of the new features that has been introduced with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. With the power of engaging more digitally with your computing environment, Windows Ink empowers you to interact with your system, to navigate the screen with a digital pen. In this post, we will see how to use Windows Ink Workspace like a pro.

Windows Ink Workspace

Microsoft had the plans for Windows Ink under wraps for quite some time now. When Windows 10 was released to general masses last year, we saw the new browser Edge embracing this new feature, where you could take web notes and interact freely with the web itself. Windows Ink can be called as an enhanced system-level tool using which you can use to do several things with your digital pen. Microsoft has a pretty successful range of Surface products, and if you have one of those tablets or something like the Dell XPS 12, Windows Ink starts making more sense for you.

How to use Windows Ink Workspace

Before seeing how to use it – do you need to download or install Ink Workspace? No – it is already present and you just need to know where to find it.

Where to find & open Windows Ink

Use Windows Ink Workspace for a more personal pen experience

Windows Ink Workspace is a hub present on your PC which contains several tools, utilities, and apps that are pen-friendly. You can launch it from the far right end of taskbar by clicking on the icon that looks like a pen. However, if it is not present there, then you might have to add it to your taskbar. To do so, right-click anywhere on the taskbar and select Show Windows Ink Workspace button.

What does it offer

When you launch the Windows Ink hub, it slides from the right just like Action Center containing several pen-friendly apps. On the top, you can see utilities like Sticky Notes, Sketchpad and Screen Sketch which forms the prime core of Windows Ink. Sticky Notes is available as a separate Windows Store app, but the other two are bundled with Windows Ink only. We’re going to see how to use these nifty little tools, later in the post.

Use Windows Ink Workspace for a more personal pen experience

Apart from these three major components, you can also see the apps that you have recently used and are compatible to be used with a pen.

Down below, you can see the suggested apps from Windows Store that you can download to enhance your pen experience. Click on Get more pen apps to land on a Store page with lots of pen-friendly apps. You can download these and add up your collection.

How to use it

Now let’s take a look at how to use three main features encapsulated at the top level of Windows Ink.

Sticky Notes

Earlier bundled in Windows as a built-in system component, Sticky Notes is now available for everyone as a separate Windows Store app. In Windows 10, you can use Sticky Notes to set a reminder, view flight information, send an email or visit web links and even more. You need to set your region and language to English[US] and enable insights for sticky notes, post which, you will be able to test out the enhanced capabilities of Sticky Notes. You can use Windows 10 Sticky Notes to create Cortana Reminders.

Use Windows Ink Workspace for a more personal pen experience


Sketchpad can be used for putting your art at an exercise. You can use the available pen, pencil, crayons, etc. to draw and then share with your friends. You can also use a handy scale that enables you to draw straight lines. Just use your pen/stylus device to shift your way around the canvas.

Use Windows Ink Workspace for a more personal pen experience

Screen Sketch

Similar to taking web notes in Edge, this particular features enables you to take a screenshot of the currently open window and then use Sketchpad features to annotate, draw or highlight any parts of the image. Quite useful when you want to share an annotated image among your friends!

How to disable Windows Ink Workspace in Windows 10

These are the integral bits of Windows Ink. You can play around with these features and install other pen-oriented apps for a richer experience.

See how you can configure Pen shortcuts & Touch settings.

Let us know your thoughts on the possible utility of Windows Ink Workspace for you.

Tomorrow we will see how to disable Windows Ink Workspace in Windows 10.

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  1. Ray46

    Even if you do not have a pen/stylus it will work with a standard mouse and keyboard for some of the functions. Sticky notes are very useful.

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