Convert your handwritten notes to text using Windows Journal in Windows 7 | 8

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  1. I have an HP TC4200 Tablet PC and I upgraded it to Windows 7 but everytime I use Convert Handwriting to Text, I always get this error;

    ‘The requested command cannot be completed because required components cannot be found’

    This link gives the solution for Vista machines but doesn’t work for Win 7.

    I tried the System File Checker to fix any corrupted system files and regsvr32 to manually register the Windows Journal dlls but to no avail. I have a Fujitsu Tablet which used the same installer to upgrade the HP one and it doesn’t have this problem. Incidentally, both of them are using the latest official Wacom drivers. The only other solution I can think of other than a reinstall is to extract Windows Journal from the compressed .pim file from the installation disk. Do you know of any good .pim extractor?

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