Google Chrome problems and issues with Windows 10

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  1. I’m one with a goofy Chrome problem: whether on Windows 10 or Linux Mint, on new Dells or originally Windows 7 Acers, all 64 bit, the current and last three stable versions of Chrome browser (tested 32 and 64 bit) result in Google and other sites persistently telling me “We’ve detected that you’re using an outdated version…”; ‘Browserleaks’ and ‘Browserscope’ say that every such Chrome I visit them with is version 17, despite like right now all saying version 47.0.2526.80m in each browser. No malware(s) or re-directors found, no help Google forums. Any way to fix this at least in Windows 10? ( I might’ve noted this happens even when affected browsers are uninstalled, all caches/keys/files/profiles removed with devices restarted before re-installing, and then even with no-addon “vanilla” re-installations.)

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