How to fix Aw, Snap! error message in Google Chrome browser

‘Aw, Snap’ is a common error page most of the Google Chrome users must have seen. This error occurs when a page fails to load in your browser. I’ve faced this error often while trying to connect to Facebook, and I always presumed that too much load on the server side is the reason behind. The fact which always wondered me was that clicking on the RELOAD buttons just a second later makes the website load fine. So in this post, we will learn about what basically is the cause behind the As Snap error page on Google Chrome.


Aw, Snap, Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. To continue, reload or go to another page. Reload.

Do check your internet connection before you proceed to the fixes. Intermittent internet connection is the first reason of getting this error page.

Aw, Snap! page crash error in Chrome

When you get this error for a web page, the first thing you should do is to check if other websites are loading or not. If you are getting the error for a specific website, there could be some extensions of user scripts might blocking it. Try opening the website in Incognito mode in this case. If the website is opening disable your extensions and try again. It might work.

Reload the page

The temporary but quickest fix to this error message is to click on the RELOAD button. You can also refresh the page using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+R) or simply the F5 key. This fix is passable only if you get this error occasionally, but if you are often getting the error message you need to check the permanent fix.

Clear the cache

If the RELOAD button doesn’t help, clear your browser cache and try loading the page again. Cache files sometimes are corrupted or include the old files which make your browser loads slow. Also, these cache files clutter space on your PC which may lead to slow loading. Thus deleting the cache may help you avoiding the Aw, Snap error.


While running many extensions and apps, your device might run out of memory and this further results in the Aw, Snap page loading error. Disable/uninstall some of your extensions and try loading the page again. Opening many tabs may also slow down your device, close all other tabs except the one showing slow loading error and see if it helps. You can start Chrome in Safe Mode by typing “chrome.exe –disable-extensions” in Run box and hitting Enter. This will open Chrome in Safe Mode, with plugins, extensions, etc. disabled.

Malware Check

Malware has a tendency to slow down your internet speed and your operating system. If you are getting this slow loading error frequently, you should check for the malware on your PC. It is always recommended to use a good anti-virus software to keep your PC protected against the harmful Trojans and Viruses.

Update Chrome

The outdated browser is one of the major reasons of slow loading and thus updating your Chrome browser is a good idea to avoid the Aw, Snap error. To do this, go to Chrome Settings and click on About tab in the left panel. Check for the available updates here.

Create a new user profile

Sometimes a corrupt user profile also results in this error. If you are getting this error, you better create a new user profile, where you lose all your saved bookmarks, extensions etc.

Do leave your comment below if you have some more fixes for this issue.

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