How to get or download Windows 10 Anniversary Update


  1. yup u have to download .. but the best why to w8 some time and the third party uplod the iso then download

  2. I didn’t downloaded the entire ISO.. I just used Fiddler to get the url where the file is downloaded from: I noticed by the path and the name that it was still the “old” version

  3. They’re taking there jolly good time releasing even the ISO with the Anniversary Update and my Windows Update keeps saying my PC is up to date πŸ™ Come on hurry with this Microsoft! I’m in Israel and it’a already 12:40 PM here and I want to use Microsoft Edge with AdBlock Plus and Google Translate Extension already! Please don’t make me wait until October to get it!

  4. What is going on with Microsoft??? Does anyone know? They promised us this update August 2nd! It’s now August 2nd Pacific Time where Microsoft world headquarters is in Washington State! Not even the ISO Or the Media Creation Tool is available Online now anywhere! There’s the promise that Microsoft Edge is supposed to be able to use extensions now! I want to use Microsoft Edge without all the Adds and also be able to translate webpages in it! When is this update if ever gonna become available??? Why isn’t it online now??? Please someone answer!

  5. Firstly, the official update will roll out in stages to reduce server load, so you shouldn’t be checking Windows Update every other minute. Secondly, you can simply check the Version details of the Media Creation tool to see if it has been updated without downloading the ISO.

    This is just a premature and futile article.

  6. Right click on the exe > Properties > Details tab. You will mostly see something like 10.0.10586.117. This should change to 10.0.14393.10 for the anniversary update.

  7. Also if Microsoft rolls it out in stages like they did when they first released Windows 10 I would’ve had to wait until the middle of September to get it here in Israel. And it came out in July of last year. So if they go at the same rate with this I’ll be waiting until October at the earliest to get it from Windows Update. I sure hope they have an ISO file that people can download so we don’t have to wait until Windows Update finally comes around to us

  8. Shouldn’t have to – check the version of the MediaCreationTool you downloaded. If it’s still 10586 then it will download the 10586 iso. A version 14393 one should become available at some point.

  9. Right click on the Media Tool -> Properties -> Details Tab…if it’s no longer build 10.0.10586.117 and more… then its there!

    Generally 1st Tues of the month and 3rd Tues of the month is release/security update times.
    Hence 2nd August was mentioned.

    As I’ve noticed, updates/security patches/community updates come out 6pm GMT onwards, so 4 hours from now. πŸ˜‰

  10. You must be an hour earlier then Israel wherever you are. So if what you say is true about 6PM where you are that will be 7PM for me here in Israel. Praying that you’re right

  11. The release time has always been for Microsoft at 10 AM Seattle time, or 6 PM GMT/UTC.

  12. 10 AM Seattle or Pacific time is 8PM Israel time. So if that’s so then I have about 45 minutes to go from the time of this reply. Dam I hope it hits my Windows Update then or they actually have an updated media creation tool with the update on it by then. I’m anxious to use Microsoft edge without the adds and be able to use the google translate extension on it. Right now I can’t even enjoy Edge because of that

  13. Do you mean in the administrator command prompt window? And will this command actually download the anniversary update?

  14. It is available in the United States right now. I don’t know when it will be available in Israel. Check it during the day.

  15. I’m trying to activate via troubleshoot and I’m getting the error:

    Unable to activate Windows
    We can’t reactivate Windows as our servers aren’t available right now. Wait for a few minutes or try adding your Microsoft account again.

  16. Using the “Learn More” link under “Check For Updates” took me to MS page that downloads Windows Upgrade Assistant for Anniversary edition; it checks your device’s compatibility, and if good begins 90 minute process of downloading gigabits of upgrade; download done, next takes a while and several auto-restarts but I got a terrific Windows 10 version 1607!

    I should add that this is on Dell PC/laptops with server 2012 or newer; on Windows 7 dual core 64bits, such as Acer Aspires, by hook or by crook the 1607 version will download through all methods tried, yet version 1511 restarts each time with no intention of installing downloaded 1607 files. So I’m seeing perhaps a “wait until later” issue with 64 bit devices still sporting server 2008R.

    Again, it’s working well on devices with server 2012, very good throughputs and WIFI ability as well. Cheers!

  17. Running this tool and this version now from Israel. Hope it works here and doesn’t just put back on the same old Windows 10 without the update. Will report back after the tool does it’s thing on my lappy here. Praying I get the new Windows 10 with the update

  18. It worked πŸ™‚ I got it at long last πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Finally able to use Microsoft edge with no adds and can translate foreign text now as well! Thank You Thank You!!! You’re all the best!!!!

  19. Got it now finally at long last! Now I am writing this on the new Microsoft Edge with no ads on it now and I can even translate foreign text in Microsoft Edge. Thank You so much to all here who helped me to get it and not have to depend on Microsoft to finally get around to letting me have this through Windows Update

  20. So I uninstalled the update because it interfered with some programs that have recently updated to work correctly with this update. Is there any way to reinstall it?

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