Download latest Windows 10 ISO Disc Image Files directly from


  1. sir, I am a windows insider and I got the newest update 1607(14393.10) also. if I want to make a clean installation of windows 10 which ISO have to download. There is any separate version for windows insiders?

  2. So my PC Wouldn’t boot so I went into recovery and reset and deleted apps. That deleted my apps (Of Course) and took away my activation, my priduck key any suggestions?

  3. The article neglected to tell you that you must be using a non Microsoft browser to download the iso otherwise you will be re-directed to using the media creation tool.

    In Edge go to the link above then after the page loads right click a blank area and choose inspect element, then choose emulation, under the user agent string select Apple Safari (iPad) from the dropdown, the page will then re-load and you can then download the iso.

    DO NOT close the emulation box at the bottom of the browser or you will be re-directed back to the media creation tool page.

  4. Hi Ed, can you please advise the best steps for people still running Windows 7 and how to get the direct Windows 10 download the ISO Link, rather then the Media creation tool button?

  5. well the steps shown by you are missing. Instead of a direct download, we have to first install the Media Creation tool to download the ISO file. Guys, first install the tool and it will guide you to download the Windows 10 ISO file.

  6. Simple solution for the people who face media creataion tool option only. access this link in your mobile select language then confirm and turn off wifi and data by doing this you will receive a notification that it couldnt be loaded. then copy the url from that url you can load and download iso file from any pc for 24hrs.

  7. great tutorial.Ive a curiosity, If windows is private, why do
    they provide you the free windows iso then??

  8. I had to choose some obscure browser emulation for this tip to work.. finally I can get the direct link to the iso file. Thank you!

  9. The ISO is free to download. You still need a valid license key to install it.

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