How to download Windows 10 ISO without using Media Creation Tool

Many a time you need to download Windows 10 ISO file to install Windows 10 fresh on your PC. The reason to do that could be because your Windows 10 Upgrade didn’t go well or your existing installation got corrupt, and the only way out is to install the operating system again. Microsoft offers you to download ISO files from their website, but the only in the form of Media Creation Tool. This tool lets you create bootable USB. The drawback of this method is you will have to re-download the files again and again everytime you need it. In this post, we are talking about a procedure to download Windows 10 ISO files directly from Microsoft servers, without using the multimedia tool.

Download Windows 10 ISO without using Media Creation Tool

Microsoft for some reason has restricted the download of ISO file for Windows system. If you use any other operating system i.e. MacOS, you can easily download the ISO file. In this guide, we will share how you can tick the Microsoft servers so it allows you to directly download the Windows 10 ISO file. You can later create a bootable USB device using any tool.

Open Edge Browser and go to  Edge options by clicking on the three dots at the top, and Development Tools. You can also invoke it by using F12 on your keyboard.

Next open the official Windows 10 ISO download page here. It offers to download Media Creation Tool. Right-click on a point on the page, and then choose Inspect Element.

Windows 10 Edge Development Tool


This will open the Debugger tool. In that tool, look for Performance menu, and look for an eject like icon. Select Emulation from it.

The list of options will appear in a stacked window. Here you need to change User Agent String to Apple iPad (Safari).

Download Windows 10 ISO without using Media Creation Tool

As soon as you do that, the page will reload. Instead of Media Creation Tool option, it will let you directly download files on your Windows 10 PC. You might get the option to download the latest Windows 10 Update.

That said, the process is completely legal, and we are doing it so we don’t have to download the ISO again, and again.

However, do note that Media Creation tool has its own advantage. It always gets you latest & updated files. It is possible that if you use an old ISO file, you will have to update your Windows 10 to the latest version.

However, if you are updating a number of PCs or a PC which doesn’t have direct access to the internet or is restricted, this will come handy.

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  1. What is wrong with using the Media Creation Tool to create an ISO, DVD or a bootable flash drive ?? After all, that is ITS purpose !! What I fail to see is the purpose of THIS article ??

  2. In case of any problem, Media creation tool restarts the whole download process. ISO is more reliable in that term with resume download option.

  3. Iain Elrick

    There’s alot of bloat also if you don’t have 16gb free on your c drive it doesn’t work

  4. Zashi

    The Media Creation Tool is a poor concept and it crashes occasionally (constantly if you’re unlucky) – directly downloading the ISO was a simple process & worked the first time, also – no nonsense installer to do so.

    This article saved me a lot of frustration and time.

  5. Dery Labergin

    what about windows 7 sir?

  6. Concerned Customer

    Edge automatically turns of emulation after you choose Apple Safari, and re-reloads back to the start 🙁 this method no longer works for me

  7. Michael Burns

    Because it doesn’t work! Crashes EVERY time with a mystery error that Microsoft will not acknowledge or do anything about!

  8. Michael Burns

    Use User Agent Switcher on Firefox and choose Apple Iphone: Safari Desktop doesn’t reload the page in the above way.

  9. Christopher J

    It requires me to sign into my machine as administrator. I run the tool with elevated privileges and enter my admin credentials go through a few screens, then when it is go time it fails because I am not signed in as admin. We are not supposed to sign into our machines as admin but run everything with elevated privileges – you know the way MS recommends.

  10. drpeppercan

    This is even easier with Linux. I used the Opera browser in Linux Mint. The download page recognized I was not in Windows, so the only choice it gave me was to download the ISO ; )

  11. Mohammed Ajmal J


  12. Brian Wescombe

    The MCT has never crashed for me. Just use it to download the ISO (NOT TO UPGRADE THE EXISTING INSTALL). You then have an ISO to use on any PC at any time, which is what this pointless workaround does

  13. Sam Hickey

    Thanks for the tip. The Edge method didn’t work, but that add-on you mentioned did the trick.

  14. Sam Hickey

    “It worked for me therefore everyone else is wrong”

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