Couldn’t Mount File, The disc image file is corrupted in Windows 10


  1. wow, you could have just right clicked on an iso image and choose explorer.exe as the default app. It would have put the bar back and fixed the problem…

  2. strange, I had the exact same issue with Alcohol 120% and my fix worked. Good info to have. thanks for sharing it!

  3. HI

    I think I have the same problem after installing daemon tools.

    I cant find .iso folder in the registry… as you describe…

  4. I also tried using virtual clone, used advances uninstaller pro11 to remove it. Then simply right clicked on the file, selected open with explorer.exe
    After that, the disk image tab showed at the top of the explorer window and can mount there or by right click.

  5. I had an issue in Windows 8, where it said “Unable to install file” despite mounting the image. Your solution fixed it – no error any longer. 🙂

  6. I thought I this would be the answer to my problems, but I am still having issues!!! VCD has been running me mad for a week now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it about 1000 times trying different setups. Now it is uninstalled and the Win8 mount does not work. I tried this fix with no luck. I really think I might have a problem with my drives. My CD drive does not appear under “my computer” either. any suggestions??

  7. Very thanks! Explorer was not listed in open with.. menu. If I selected explorer.exe is threw an error to me, and stopped working! This works!

  8. There is an easier, faster way to do this without downloading a registry hack.

    1.Right-click the .ISO file, choose Properties.
    2.Click the Change button next to “Open With” in the General tab.
    3.Choose Windows Explorer from the application list.
    4.The Opens With option will change back to Windows Explorer.
    5.Click Apply, then OK to close the properties window.
    6.Right-click the ISO file. Mount will be one of the top options.

    You can do this easily and quickly every time another app tries to associate itself with your ISO files without changing the registry with a hack.This is the default way built into Windows 8 to re-associate the your files with the correct programs. No need for any type of “fix” at all. Just needed a better understanding of your operating system.

  9. Right-click and selecting Ooen with > Windows Explorer will mount the IMG or ISO file so that it can be viewed like any other Windows volume. My problem is that Windows 8’s context menu in the ribbon should produce a Manage tab, and within that an option to Burn. I do not get this new tab. Has anyone else faced this problem?


  10. Thank you this was the only fix that worked for me. My problem was exactly as you described…unable to change iso file associate or right click file and change how program opened (no file explorer option) also tried opening by explorer.exe in windows directory with no luck. This fix worked. THANK YOU!

  11. Sometimes the SFC, setting file associations, and registry file fix works, sometimes not.

    Usual cause is alternative burning/mounting software, uninstalling which frequently leaves the registry with orphan entries.

    I found an additional method, using regedit.exe manually. I recommend anyone wishing to follow my suggestion (1) export the current registry file and (2) create a system restore point before fooling live in the registry, as to do otherwise has at least once led me to complete partition reimage, which is a pain.

    I did this: (1) searched for EVERY mention of “.iso” in the registry and deleted every single such key (that was related to .iso and not to something like system.isolation or the disk image manager); (2) rebooted; (3) ran the registry file, which in theory should have reset the defaults; (4) in the Classes Root hive, added a key “.iso” with a subkey “OpenWithProgids” and set the subkey default to explorer.exe.


    (This is for when the theoretically built in methods are broken: selecting disk image tools, context menu, etc)

  12. it occurs throughout the registry; the key one seems to be in classes root, .iso key.

  13. Right click on the ISO file, Properties, then next to “Opens with” click on “Change” and choose Windows Explorer. Now when you go back to the iso and right click the mount option should be there.

  14. One other thing to look at
    Go into Device Manager and look for any drivers that have ! on them
    In my case My DVD Rom and Microsoft Virtual DVD both had !
    Uninstalled both, then rescanned and let Windows 10 reinstall them
    Now they are both working fine – was able to mount the ISO successfully

  15. Perfect! thats work for me… I just missing “mount” option with Windows Explorer after uninstall Daemons Tools and then I cannot fix it with traditional choosing “Default programs” option, but this reg file solve the problem without restarting… thanks very much…

  16. Thanks a lot! This fixed missing “Windows Explorer” item for file associations, so I could not associate ISO or IMG with Windows 10 mounting tool.

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