Best Free File Manager software for Windows 10/8/7

File Manager software offer an easy and convenient way to modify file attributes. Windows has its own file manager – File Explorer. It is designed to simplify file management activities in Windows. Although fine, Windows Explorer doesn’t offer tabs, a dual-pane interface, batch file renaming tools, and other advanced features. This necessitates the use of File Explorer alternatives for your computer-based life. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of File Explorer replacements that do the same job much better than Explorer itself. Below, you can find the list of free File Manager software for Windows 10/8/7 which include Shallot, Tablacus, XYplorer, FreeCommander, Unreal Commander, Multi-commander, Konverter and FileVoyager.

Free File Manager software

Free File Manager software for Windows

If you aren’t quite sure about which program is best for you, we’ll help you make the right choice with these alternatives and features they support.

1] FileVoyager

Apart from allowing usual file operations like renaming, copying, moving, linking, deleting and recycling files, the tool features a dual pane layout. It makes the transfer operations of files or folders between sources and destinations easier and hassles free.

The portable version of File Voyager supports numerous shortcuts to default folders, such as Documents, Libraries, and Desktop. Moreover, you can easily access the file compressing tool or fax or email the selected document by creating shortcuts. You can also view the file/folder size near each entry and edit the items in notepad.

FileVoyager enables browsing in various modes like report or thumbnail modes and has an extensive collection of tools.

2] Konvertor

The freeware ships with an impressive set of features and has been designed to co-exist with Windows Explorer/ File Explorer. This means it does not interfere with the default file manager in any way. Similar to FileVoyager, Konverter displays data in two panels. A built-in file conversion tool supports many file formats. For instance, there’s support for 2,034 image file types, 795 audi, 230 video, 102 3D files. Besides, there’s a vast number of extras which make the tool a very capable program.

In all, Konverter is a fast and reliable program with a shallow learning curve. This ability of the program gives its users all levels of expertise required to process and alter files quickly and efficiently.

3] Multi-Commander

Multi-Commander comes across as one of the best alternatives to the standard File Explorer. It features an extensive number of tools and plug-ins to help users manage their files and folders.

The program houses a number of buttons, all of which are highly customizable. Plus, there are drive shortcuts for opening specific types of files and accessing the HKEY_CURRENT_USER branch of the Registry.

4] Unreal Commander

It is a dual-pane file manager designed to overcome shortfalls of the traditional Windows File Explorer and offer a more convenient way to have control over files and folders. the program comes pre-loaded with a set of useful features and options, like:

  1. Directory synchronization –  Offers capability to open archives with popular formats (ZIP, RAR, ACE, TAR and CAB)
  2. Multi-rename tool – Allows renaming multiple files simultaneously, once the naming pattern with rules has been defined
  3. FTP connection – Allows rapid uploading of files to a FTP server.

5] FreeCommander

The tool advertises itself as an easy-to-use alternative to the standard Windows file manager. Similar to other programs mentioned above, Free Commander helps you undertake all of your daily activities in Windows with convenience.

It has a built-in file viewer to view files in hex, binary, text or image format. With this tool, you can set your own keyboard shortcuts and menu buttons for easier navigation. A simple right click on a folder or file displays the traditional Windows Context Menu.

6] XYplorer

XYplorer takes basic and familiar features of File Explorer a notch higher. It has multilingual support. The program avoids any entry in the Registry or system folders, allowing you to use it as portable application alongside Explorer. Another unique feature of the tool – it allows users to colour-code their tabs for easier identification.

Apart from the above, XYplorer runs powerful file search, multi-level undo or redo, branch view, folder view settings, batch

  1. Powerful file search
  2. Multi-level undo or redo
  3. Branch view
  4. Folder view settings
  5. Batch rename
  6. Color filters
  7. Directory Print
  8. File tags.

7] Tablacus

This tool does not require any installation as it is available in a portable version. Tablacus, basically adds new features to the layout of File Explorer so that you find it easier to search files.

Its design is heavily inspired fromFile Explorer but makes some necessary changes needed in the file manager. The most obvious being tabs so that a user does not require dozen explorer windows to be opened at once.

8] Shallot

Shallot makes possible to customize the interface and configure behavior and options of a file manager as per your liking. This flexible manager comes with a plugin interface that adds a wealth of convenient features and versatility. The freeware program supports built-in plugins as long as they are written in Python. As such, you can create your own plugins to automate a few file management tasks.

For a free and easy way to manage the files on your system, give Shallot, a try!

9] One Commander

Instead of just being a dual window file manager, One Commander offers both double window view, and multi-column view. You can choose that when you launch it for the first time. Along with this, you can choose between white, dark and light theme.

Which one would you recommend?

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