Multi-Commander, a multi-tabbed file manager for Windows

If are you bored by using the same standard Windows Explorer, then try Multi-Commander. It is a multi-tabbed file manager with a dual panel layout. It is fast, efficient and has got everything that you need in a file manager. Standard operations like Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete are included in this software – but apart from them, what really makes this software unique is its ability to perform advanced operations like Auto-Sorting, Auto-Unpacking, Searching for files. So, in effect, Multi-Commander is a complete file manager tool that helps you to make your day to day task easier.

Multi-Commander review


How to do you want to control Multi Commander

multi-tabbed file manager

You can download the freeware by selecting one of the multiple language. After that it will ask for the options on how do you want to control your file manager. You can select Commander Styled Look n Feel, Windows Explorer Compatibility Look n feel or you can even customize the same.

Features of Multi-Commander

Multi-Commander has got a lot of features in it, which other software of the same category do not. Some of the features of this multi-tabbed file manager are as follows:

  • Dual panel layout
  • Support both Commander styled and Explorer styled keyboard and mouse setup
  • You can customize keyboard, mouse, colors as per your need
  • Can view files and folders in detailed, list or thumbnail mode
  • Command line commands to get to the path quicker
  • You can convert or rotate pictures, view and remove EXIF tags
  • Support ZIP, 7-ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZ, Bz2, JAR etc. file formats
  • Support JPG, PNG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF and many other RAW formats
  • Audio tools like view and edit MP3 tags
  • You can create extensions and plug-ins as its open API for developers
  • Portability of the software
  • Both 32 Bit and 64 Bit version of software is available
  • You can compare folders, put filters, write scripts to automate the tasks etc.
  • Multi language support

Using Multi-Commander, multi-tabbed file manager

This multi-tabbed file manager offers you a wide range of functionality which can help you work easily and efficiently. To make you work more easily, there are many shortcuts present, which let you complete the whole task while just using you keyboard. There are seven buttons present on top of the window. These are as follows:

  • File: If you are looking for the options like Copy, Delete, Move, Pack, Unpack etc., then you can find it here in the File drop down menu options.

multi-tabbed file manager

  • Edit: In Edit drop drop button you will find options like Cut, Select and Unselect, options to compare files and folders, Save, Select and Unselect with some extension etc.

multi-tabbed file manager

  • View: Using View drop down menu options you can change the select the layout you want, perform operations like  Refresh, Stop, Split Size, Select Explorer Panel, select options from Toolbars etc.

multi-tabbed file manager

  • Configuration: In Configuration you will find all options related to the configuration of the application. You can select Manage Plugins and Extensions, Manage Aliases, can have user defined commands, can customize menus, keyboard, can make changes in File Operations settings, File System Plugin settings etc.

multi-tabbed file manager

  • Extensions: If you want to search any file, then select File Search option from here. Other options that are available are File Checksum, Multi-rename and Language Editor.

multi-tabbed file manager

  • Tools: In Tools all options related to picture, video and audio are present. Some of the other options that are present are File Security, File Links, File Checksum, Text Conversion etc.

multi-tabbed file manager

  • Help: In Help section you can look for the upgrade of the software, online documentation, online support and other type of help. You can also send reports on any issue and feedback.

multi-tabbed file manager

Multi-Commander download

Multi Commander is a complete multi-tabbed File Manager software that can perform all sorts of file manager tasks. Visit its download page to download it. It is fully supported by all latest versions of Windows operating system and can be installed even if you don’t have the administrative rights.

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